When I see ‘fb’ I always get scared but here it’s ‘follow back’ instead of ‘Facebook’ luckily :blobcatgiggle: I hate Facebook

Why I hate Facebook? Alright here we go!

- On Facebook YOU are the product. They want you as long as possible on the platform so they can show you as many ads as possible.

- Their privacy settings are broken from the beginning. Facebook knows ALL about you.

- Mark Zuckerberg is a little child with far too much power who doesn’t wants to be responsible for the well-being of its users..

It’s good that you do not use Facebook but remember this..

Even when you have not opened it but you are ‘logged in’ on your browser, Facebook wil still track you on all websites that you go where the ‘Facebook 1 pixel tracking’ is installed.

That way Facebook knows what you do on the web even when you ‘are not using it’.

If you ask me, please delete ASAP.

@stux Even worse, even if you don't have an account, they still keep a shadow profile on you. I deleted my account a long time ago, but what's crazy is that an old email address that I used for facebook got pwnd from something I had used facebook to sign into, AFTER I had deleted my account.

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