Finished all the prequels just yesterday! The end to Rebels was so awesome, and I'm about to go into A New Hope. Very hyped!

Also, I picked up the official star wars cook book, and made the tattooine foodstuffs it had, and it turned out surprisingly good. I'll post some photos of it outside of this thread later.

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tech pickup lines 

are you an archive manager?
cuz you make me go RAR

1: i want to learn to make something
2: i download the necessary software for making that sort of thing
3: i get scared away by the fact i have no clue what i'm doing
4: i look up a tutorial
5: it's too long boring and complicated
6: go back to procrastinating
7: repeat

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i had a pretty wacky but pretty cool dream last night that literally everyone in the world was suddenly moved back in time to the 90s, everyone still having memories from the present.

i still don't get why the music for human fall flat is so dramatic, it's meant to be a silly wack 3d platformer so why does it sound like the climax of a generic hollywood blockbuster

Got to the clone wars throwback episode in Rebels, man going through clone wars was a lot of work, but now that it's over i kinda miss it.

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welcome to teenage mood swings
hope your stay is "bleh"

half of me is like OH NO
and the other half of me is like OH YES

just got a paycheck for a job i did and it's less than minimum wage >:(

xfinity should change their slogan to "as if you have a choice"

watched solo and now i'm going through rebels, ezra reminds me a lot of myself

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genfstab is just such a useful command why do people only use it while installing

Fun fact: You can *kinda* turn any texture into a seamless texture if you duplicate it, flip it horizontally and move the duplicate directly to the left or right of the original, then repeat but vertically.
Won't look as spectacular as something that's seamless in the first place, but it works.

after all these years i finally decided to sit down and beat duck life 4 (the flash game) in one sitting. wasn't as fun as i remember, really just constant grinding.

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