if house music can be represented with "boots and cats and boots and cats and"

i propose dnb is represented with "boot, cat, and cat, boot, cat, and cat"

heres a fun fact:
some amazon distribution centers have a spotify playlist going during work hours.

...a spotify playlist
..........(not amazon music)

Noticed this bit of social engineering from kahoot's email unsubscribe button.

This is what you see the very moment you click the unsub link in the email itself. It uses *unusually* extremely basic HTML, loading instantly.

Now, even though that sounds like our dream internet, at first glance before actually reading the words it feels like an unsub confirmation box. And the way the button only changes two letters from "unsubscribe" makes me think they're trying to take advantage of muscle memory to get people to instantly resub.

Just thought that was interesting.

not only did my bank send me a late birthday ad email, but they also had to put my deadname in all caps (when nothing else in the message was)

just letting you guys know im gonna be a lot less active this next month or so, really need to focus on actually graduating

@calculsoberic oh yeah, alright,

somebody's hand is scoopin my litterbox
somebody's catnip is givin me thrills
guess i'll just knead my paws

someone just noticed i'm wearing socks and slides and told me that's the most seattle thing they've seen all day

this is my first toot as an adult
happy balloon day me :D

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this is my last toot as a child.
cya tomorrow

i love star wars i just don't like how people (mostly gen x) worships the original trilogy

and i don't use the word worship lightly here, i mean like how they treat it like something sacred and view the prequels as heresy, at least watch clone wars bruh.

granted the sequel trilogy seemed more like a cash-grab and the plot suffered, but the new shows are actually pretty good. i just wish people would either be less cult-like or enjoy more than the original trilogy only.

ok this is a really really bad and privacy invasive idea but what if 

there were a script that automatically scanned people's accounts for links to their public gender/orientation cards and determined if you're compatible

like that's a creepy and messed up thing to do but it only uses info they've made public /shrug

i just realized if i had a kid down the line they'll actually be able to post "father lore" memes without making anything up

earlier today while i was at lunch there was this kid at my table that just ate an entire apple core with no remorse

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