Finally the updates have finished installing on my OpenSUSE!
Believe me, it took more than 7 hours! :sad_dog: 😂

Life is fancy,
But need to see.
Been a while,
Seen your smile.
Life is a road,
So hop aboard!
A bumpy one,
For everyone!
What you might,
Should hold tight!

Gabon is a country on the coast of Central Africa and is located on the Equator. This country has a population estimated to be 2.3 million people with the 80% of the country covered by forests. Gabon is among the ten countries covered by the Congo Basin which is the world’s second largest River Basin after Amazon which covers 4 million km². The Gabonese Constitution provides for the protections of the country’s natural environment as core principle of the (Article1).

There are over 400 species of trees around Gabon’s forests, with 100 species being exploited for commercial use. Commercial utilization of forests in Gabon began as early as 1882, but in 1913 is when Okoumé, Gabon’s most valuable wood was introduced to the international market. Gabon supplies 90% of the world’s Okoumé which makes an excellent plywood. Mahogany, kezavingo and ebony are examples of hardwoods found in Gabon forests.

[🖼…]There are over 10,000 species of plants in Gabon, lowland gorillas, chimpanzees and 10 species of monkeys are among 200 species of mammals found in forests around Gabon.

Until 1968 forestry was the primary source of income, when crude oil became the major source foreign exchange.

Did you know that the exploitations and illegal loggings in Gabon forests is always hampered by the inadequacy of transportation infrastructure? however, this country scores high among the African countries in conservation and reforestations of forests. In addition, this country is among the most prosperous country in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Find out more about Gabon Forests here

I'm gonna update OpenSUSE using the terminal. There are 1914 packages to update!
Wish me luck! 🤞

@seek I sometimes find it challenging to just up and switch to a new distro all of a sudden, because nothing's where you remember it being! Know what I mean?

@Srinath Jitsi is great! We use it for our radio show and movie night.

@Srinath I've been interested in trying out different distros as well, but add that to the list of projects I'm working on! It's like homework.

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