No sé si os habréis dado cuenta del cambio en el icono de verificado. Ahora es :dverified:

@EuriNaiz @titi "Los han intentado" Aún no lo han conseguido y lo ideal sería seguir dando guerra. is a free open source site featuring online traditional board and card games. They've just joined the Fediverse at:

➡️ @freeboardgames

Their site is at

The games can be played in a variety of modes, including public or private online multiplayer, and single player against AI. You don't need to register, just generate and share links as needed.

#FreeBoardGames #Gaming #Games #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #BoardGames #CardGames

It’s official: #Fairphone 4 is the world’s most repairable phone. scores it a perfect 10/10 for repairability. 📱🌿

Take a look:

Vist a

El planeta paga caro el #BlackFriday. Su impacto es desmesurado y fomenta un modelo de consumo irresponsable y compulsivo, insostenible para el medio ambiente y basado, muchas veces, en la precariedad laboral

👐 En su lugar, apuesta por los pequeños comercios locales y de barrio. ¡Nos necesitan!

If you're new to Mastodon and the Fediverse, welcome! 👋

You can find people to follow at these places: - A community-built, opt-in directory of people looking for followers - A manually curated directory of intresting accounts that generally focus on single topics or themes (and you can see the latest entries by following @FediFollows)

There are millions of people you can follow on here, but the above are good ways of getting started.

You can find even more people by searching for hashtags, and make sure you include hashtags on your own posts so that they can be discovered more easily.

Also, post a short introduction about yourself with the hashtag

⚠️ #Mastodon v3.4.4 is out with some bug fixes! It is a backport release, if you are already using latest code from the main branch, you do not need it

Hi there 👋 We’ve been working hard to get more devices to our list and here they are! We are welcoming 8 new smartphones this week.

Now we count 213 /e/OS supported devices.

#samsung #oneplus #android #motorola #eos #murena #mydataisMYdata #devices

As a thank you to the Tor community, we're sharing three wallpapers for you to download and use as you wish. 💜

No donation is required to download, but if you love these wallpapers, please consider a $5 donation in the name of privacy online.


@pixelfed Owww looks really really nice! Maybe I wouldn't use blue for all accentuations but nvm I really like it! :)

✨Fresher Feeds

A new timeline experience is part of our UI updates that are shipping soon! #pixelfed #activitypub

@fanta @tarteka @niko Lo del límite es un dramon, pq al final esta gente tiene muuuuchos más seguidores, además tener tu propia instancia de una red social mola bastante, las cosas como son

@ElMichel Per un moment he pensat que et referies a que ja era nadal. Em creia que de tant que avancen el nadal les empreses tot els anys ja t'havies tornat boig. 😂

Brandkopf is an artist who paints and draws figures and scenes, both traditionally and digitally. You can follow at:


...and their video account is at...


They have a portfolio website at

#Brandkopf #Art #Artist #Artists #Drawing #Painting #TraditionalArt #DigitalArt

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