Why libunwind is such a cancer to deal with?? WHY?!

I can't express with words how much I hate it. I just want to build stuff against llvm-libunwind.

People that use a frontend to send social media links are true friends.

Friends don't send bioluminiscent links to other friends.

And if the link is also .onion/.i2p >>>>>

I need to continue my thread about how was my experience with .

Ooof, I wish days were longer.

What's the point of having a git server as an .onion/eepsite if you need to use SSH to commit stuff?

I want an anonymus git forge. I wish I had a raspberry to just set up a statig git or something.

:gitea: :tor:

Hey #Fedi, What obscure skill or knowledge have you mastered? Is it applicable to your daily life, career, or hobby? Did you intend to become good at the particular subject, or did it happen by accident?

We received some reports that CryptPad.fr, our flagship instance, is being blocked in #Iran.

In case of issues accessing our instance remember you can use another one, just pick it from our public instances list: cryptpad.org/instances/

#network #censorship #circumvention

Fascismo o comunismo, defender al poder o defender al oprimido, pues lo mismo.

Claro que si

Pls boost for visibility

Are you optimistic about the future of your country?

¿Qué temáticas os gustan de FTV? Solo se puede elegir entre cinco, pero hay muchos más...


Creo que tenemos un concepto de "periodismo independiente" bastante diferente...

FOSS RTS "0 A.D." has been updated to Alpha 26. The new update adds a new civilization; maps; music and art. The game is made using the Pyrogenesis engine and the code is licensed using GPLv2. The game can be downloaded from various distro repos; the main website; or through Flathub.


The team has a Peertube account where they post updates and game play videos. They are also active on Mastodon.


You can donate to help the game's development through paypal or by credit card.


#fossgaming #linuxgaming #drmfree #pyrogenesis #0ad
Friends, forgive me if I don't remember your voices, it's not that I don't love you, it's because my memory is bad :sadcat:

Disnews #6
Well this one has taken on it's own life, run away and barricaded itself in the basement for a while. Using power of persuasion and ton of cake, we did manage to get it out.
So here's what's "new":
😋 Roundcube webmail
🤩 Catchall email feature
😎 We have stickers now!
🤔 SearxNG
😝 Xmpp file upload limit

Read more at disroot.org/blog/disnews-6

Let's hope for more regular news from now on :P

I'm scared to look at my screen.
I know that musl is going to give me yet another error.

And I'm going to cry.

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