Has anyone used ? Would you recommend it as a minimal single-person server for posting, not following?

Bread dough after rising overnight. It's so beautiful! 😍

About to put it in the oven, let's see how it turns out!

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This trip made me pretty excited for the *next* one -- pretzeling into a kneel for so long made me frustrated (and sore) enough that the second I got home I had to make some kneeling drops to raise and angle the canoe's seat. So, the next trip should be way more comfortable 😂 #california #nature

@finn Hey, sorry for going so hard on you that time. I got angry, I should've stopped. :blobcatsad:

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Apparently this is the message that appears if JavaScript is disabled :blobfacepalm:

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🇺🇦, 🇷🇺, Open letter from Russian scientists and science journalists against war with Ukraine 

We, Russian scientists and scientific journalists, strongly protest against the military action initiated by our country's armed forces in Ukraine. This fatal step leads to enormous loss of life and undermines the foundations of the established system of international security. The responsibility for unleashing a new war in Europe lies entirely with Russia.

There is no reasonable justification for this war. Attempts to use the situation in Donbas as a pretext for deploying a military operation are not credible. It is clear that Ukraine does not pose a threat to our country's security. A war against it is unfair and frankly pointless.

Ukraine was and remains a country close to us. Many of us have relatives, friends and colleagues in Ukraine. Our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers fought together against Nazism. The unleashing of war for the geopolitical ambitions of the Russian leadership, driven by dubious historiosophic fantasies, is a cynical betrayal of their memory.

We respect Ukrainian statehood, which is based on really working democratic institutions. We are sympathetic to the European choice of our neighbours. We are convinced that all problems in relations between our countries can be resolved peacefully.

By unleashing war, Russia condemned itself to international isolation, to the position of a pariah country. This means that we scientists will no longer be able to do our work properly: scientific research is inconceivable without full cooperation with colleagues from other countries. Isolating Russia from the world means a further cultural and technological degradation of our country, with no positive prospects. War with Ukraine is a step to nowhere.

We are bitterly aware that our country, which together with other republics of the former Soviet Union made a decisive contribution to the victory over Nazism, has now become the instigator of a new war on the European continent. We demand an immediate halt to all military actions against Ukraine. We demand respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukrainian State. We demand peace for our countries.

Signatures keep coming in, we are adding as we can (there are more than 5,400 signatures on the site now).

Attention all academics who have signed the appeal against the war! Sign on
https://trv-science.ru/2022/02/we-are-against-war/ in the comments below. Please don't write any unnecessary words like "I subscribe", slogans, or text emphasis - you'll have to delete them manually later. Put your surname first, then your first name in the body of the comment, then your details as you see fit. If you don't see your own comment, don't hurry up and re-sign it - it's more than likely that your comment is already in the database. The time by which comments are processed and posted is indicated before the list of signatures. If you signed up before that time and you're not on the list, write to sign@trv-science.ru. Please do not use this address for other purposes, in particular for initial signatures.
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War in Ukraine: Charity action in school 

There's an awesome bake sale in our school today, all proceeds go to help immigrants coming to our city.

Contributed my gingerbread cookies (photo attached), and spent some money on others' cookies, muffins and cakes as well.

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Honest fear of nuclear war 

Effectively, Russia can send its first couple nukes at "no cost".

I'll also add, there is a treaty between Russia and US which limits them to 1550 active nuclear warheads. That's an insane number.

If the "limit" is that high, I can assume both countries can have more nukes than that. Both countries can easily nuke all major cities of the opponent.

No one is safe if this all happens.

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Honest fear of nuclear war 

I don't know about other countries with nuclear power, as I don't really know which do, but the US surely wouldn't nuke Russia, as it'd mean they would instantly get nuked as well.

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Honest fear of nuclear war 

Putin said interfering with the action will "lead us to such consequences that we have never faced in our history", which instantly makes me think of nukes.

Consider an option: Some other country joins the war. Let it be Finland or Poland, or any other close country.

This country would just be waiting for those "consequences". So let's say Russia nukes them in response. What happens after that?

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Honest fear of nuclear war 

This means that in case Russia gets nuked, it would be almost guaranteed to send a couple nukes to threatening countries, like the US.

Sounds about right, no one would nuke Russia with that system. But what if Russia nuked someone else?

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Honest fear of nuclear war 

Putin seems to have activated the Dead Hand system. It's supposed to be a nuclear defense system, supported by the common theory that one can only defend self from nukes by having nukes, but there's a problem with that.

Dead Hand is semi-automatic.


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🇷🇺 🇧🇾 🇺🇦 (+) 

People in Russia and Belarus are desperately poor, and many are largely just literally trying to survive.

This is by design: poor, struggling population does not have the time and space to make political change.

Protest is banned, and being anti-war can get you labeled a "traitor", with very real consequences.

And yet they go out and protest!

Heroism cannot be demanded, cannot be expected. But needs to be appreciated and remembered.

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War in Ukraine, fear 

Just as we're witnessing the end of the pandemic we all waited for, even worse future seems to open ahead…


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Tiny crystal balls of cuteness from a few weeks ago. Probably last frozen #mosstodon for this season. I'm already out there hunting blooms and mushrooms. #macrophotography

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