Coronavirus: 'Healthy' NHS nurse, 36, dies with COVID-19 A 36-year-old NHS nurse, who was believed to have no underlying health issues, has died after contracting coronavirus.

Coronavirus lockdown: High streets suffer worst month on record Britain's high streets have suffered their worst month on record, as the coronavirus lockdown hammered retailers.

Price of street drugs rises due to lockdown measures, dealer says The price of street drugs has risen in London during coronavirus lockdown measures as dealers fear being caught by increased police checks, a wholesale supplier has said.

Coronavirus will be devastating for poorest nations - World Bank The managing director of the World Bank has told Sky News that the coronavirus could wreak devastation on populations in the developing world.

Coronavirus: 100,000 COVID-19 tests a day would be a 'herculean task' Carrying out 100,000 COVID-19 tests per day in England by the end of April would be a "herculean task", the government has been warned.

Chancellor unveils new measures to small and medium business loan scheme The chancellor is extending the coronavirus loan scheme for small and medium businesses who have been affected by the disease.

Coronavirus: NHS Nightingale becomes world's largest critical care unit The 4,000-bed NHS Nightingale will open its doors to patients today - less than two weeks after work started on the giant specialist coronavirus field hospital.

COVID-19-infected cruise ship with Britons on board docks in Florida A coronavirus-infected cruise ship has docked in a port in Florida after two weeks at sea and days of negotiations with initially resistant US officials.

Woman convicted under Coronavirus Act was 'wrongly charged' A woman convicted under the new Coronavirus Act is set to be cleared after police admitted she was wrongly charged and apologised.

Doctors hail students making COVID-19 face-visors in makeshift factory An A-level student and two former pupils have turned their school into a factory to produce protective equipment to help the NHS during the COVID-19 crisis.

Paedophiles preying on children online during cornavirus lockdown Schoolchildren are at extra risk from online paedophiles while they are stuck at home during the coronavirus crisis, investigators have warned.

Coronavirus infection rate may have already reduced Social distancing measures may have already reduced the transmission rate of coronavirus, an expert has said.

Cruise ship with coronavirus patients on board allowed to dock in Florida A cruise ship which has been floating at sea carrying passengers with suspected coronavirus after it was turned away from South American ports has finally been given permission to dock in Florida.

People who recover from coronavirus could be issued 'immunity certificates' Matt Hancock has said the government will consider issuing immunity certificates to those who have recovered from coronavirus.

US warship captain 'relieved of duty' over COVID-19 memo The captain of a US aircraft carrier infected by coronavirus has been sacked after sending a memo to naval leaders asking them to remove 4,000 sailors and isolate them on shore.

Top Gun: Maverick hits the brakes as COVID-19 delays release date Top Gun: Maverick has become the latest Hollywood film to have its release delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Canada investigates reports medical supplies 'diverted to US' Canada is investigating reports a shipment of medical supplies the country had ordered was diverted to the US.

Clap for our carers: Britons applaud health workers again People up and down the country have once again paused to show their appreciation for NHS workers on the frontline of the battle against the coronavirus.

Coronavirus cases worldwide top one million The coronavirus pandemic has reached a grim landmark, with more than one million cases confirmed worldwide.

Coronavirus: Premier League chiefs push for big player pay cut Premier League chiefs will discuss proposals on Friday for substantial cuts to players' wages against a backdrop of growing anger at the sport's approach to the financial challenge posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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