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The tax department wants companies to proportionately distribute common costs from head office to branch offices and treat this as a supply.

Once this is treated as supply, 10% of it has to be added to the cost & 18% GST.

Non-stop Insane experiments!

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I am disappointed that Supreme Court did not award five acres of land to Modi ji under Article 142 for executing the bestest contract ever. #RafaleVerdict

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I am a HINDU! We do NOT demolish Mosques.

I am a HINDU! We do NOT demolish Mosques.

I am a HINDU! We do NOT demolish Mosques.

Hindutva fanatics are trying to drag HINDUS into their hate for Muslims!

HINDUS do NOT hate any faith!

Stop using HINDUS in your filthy politics.

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Trust Mastodon's users to remind you that it's #WorldKindnessDay. (I wish we had a Kindness Index for countries and that world leaders met at summits to discuss the Kindness Deficit and the importance of developing a Gross National Kindness Index!)

What's your favourite memory of receiving or witnessing an act of kindness?

And what's the kindest thing you've done for yourself recently? Just curious.

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Daughter and I are talking in whispers eventhough there is no one else in the house.

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It's interesting to see the kind of creatures the modern consumerism produces and the mass media encourages. Environmentalists who can't live without air conditioning. Farmers leaders who've never spent a day in the farm. Trade unionists who've never gone to factory. This is the why I find radical dalit politics so interesting. They might be uneducated, or immature but they know that the leadership has to come from the shared experience. A Brahmin how can never understand what they go through.

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@mat_jane_de_yar BJP's starts from alliance ditching them. SS will show them their place, Modi Shah will have nightmare. SS is a wounded tiger now. Kante ko kante se hee nikalna hai!

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Lawyers Collective Case : SC Refuses To Stay Interim Protection Granted To Jaising And Grover By Bombay HC
Read more:
#SupremeCourt #IndiraJaising #AnandGrover #LawyersCollective

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ON twitter
"My favourite story about my great-grandfather is the one about when as PM, he returned from work at 3 am to find his bodyguard exhausted and asleep on his bed. He covered him with a blanket and slept on an adjacent chair."


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If the 2018 ruling stays, Pinarayi Vijayan govt is duty bound to facilitate women entry in the upcoming #Sabarimala season. The right wing (BJP, Congress & others) will concoct another session of violent drama to milk the situation.

Why can't the SC stay the 2018 ruling if it's "confused" about the decision? Shouldn't the judiciary have the basic responsibility support the executive maintaining the law and order?


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Imagine an inquiry into how many Hindu Terrorist sympathisers are in Twitter!

Watch "3 Saudi Twitter Spies Charged for Surveilling Critics" on YouTube

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Never let the child in you to perish

If lovers were so obsessed all posters would be mandatory in marriage,

Tis' not flaunting that love
Tis' silent that never die

Loves not upheld by PDAs
Loves the one unsaid yet heard by all

The chemistry which despite silence enchants world,
The presence which despite simple
Attracts all

None wish a poster of love
But a photograph of decades together 💕💕

जब जंग खुदा से हो तो क्या डरना
यार साथ है तो जहान्नम भी जन्नत

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एक सुकून की तलाश में, जाने कितनी बेचैनियाँ पाल लीं
और लोग कहते हैं हम बड़े हो गए हमने जिंदगी संभाल ली !

इंसान बहुत कमाल का है

पसन्द करे तो बुराई नही देखता,
नफरत करे तो अच्छाई नही देखता!

#Adda #Poetry

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The account of the Assam Police has been suspend from this instance.

We decided that we will not welcome cops on this instance, and we encourage the rest of the fediverse to do the same.

Following multiple reports, we decided that it's more important that our community feels safe and in security, than to be a platform for official communication.

Thank you ! :trebuchet:

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Read a news about the Muslim Professor appointed to teach Sanskrit in BHU insulted by the students as they want a Muslim teaching them Sanskrit.
I remember we had several History Professors in DU who were fluent in Urdu. They could read, write and speak. It gave me such good feeling that such a beautiful language, so close to Muslims, is being respected and embraced by others. What happened to us after 2014?

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I can't speak for the mods, but I suspect the issue is more that they don't want the presence of police to have a chilling effect on speech. Police are very often at the sharp end of structural violence in any country.

However, cancelling police accounts may create a false sense of security. The police can still read your posts. They can still subpoena your mods. However, at least they're preventing from stirring up trouble.

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You are safe if speak for HIM.
You are thrown into troubles if your tongue opposes him.
You don't know but you have got enslaved

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