We need more Prasanths, not Arvinds!

That is it...

I think this tweet burnt many AK fans & they came in folk to lecture me how we need both.

I have my own conviction to say that in the above tweet, this is one reminder!

Definitely you have your own beliefs to trust him, but we can agree to disagree


Let me quote @NilanjanUdwin@twitter.com

There is a need to reclaim the REPUBLIC and this cannot be done by staying quiet on Article 370, triple talaq, the demonisation of anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act agitators or students of Jawaharlal Nehru University.

The sight of Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi stressing fundamental values or Hindu cultural heritage while publicly participating and popularising religious rituals will gladden the RSS leaders.

It is not going to give us any hope, may be it is what matters in brutal game of election

Of course, I do not trust Kejriwal like Delhi's liberals and Lyuten's Delhi.

Blame me for my skepticism..May be we all can have different instincts.

I don't believe in a CULT LEADER who will be our panacea for all evils. We should question them rather than blind adoration

The way AK was total opaque about the data is the last nail of the coffin, he is known as someone who batted along with Aruna Roy to bring RTI and convinced UPA to do so.

If you cant practise what u preach, there ends my trust. It needed Delhi High Court's scolding

The way AAP fans are intolerant of criticism of their leader also frightens me about they way they are transformed to believe their cult leader and gulp narrative told by the party taking somersaults as pragmatism, you should question ur leaders or they will turn dangerous!

AAP fans should be ready to digest the criticism of their leader, AAP is an idea, which was much more bigger than AK, but it is now an AK admi party!

Or you can emulate the BJP trolls and come like a herd in my timeline, and I block every guy who shows intolerance.

@jamewils You are right. Honestly , I had high hopes in 2013 -2014, of a corruption free alternate . The idea of AAP was not political at all. It was all about raising right issues of common people, it was all about to work with 100% honesty , it was about ethical values.

To tell you the truth, why do we see people are not coming out to protest?

People had high hopes from AAP but Arvind compromised and betrayed all.

Now, people don't want to come on roads like they did in 2012-2013.

@Amber @vikram @HalkutHateli @ShubhraShukla @praveen @AninditaGuha @BhavanaVarun @EagleEyes@mastodon.social @naukarshah @KumarPushpendra @Mohammed_Faiz @asifrahman @musafir @nilanjanaroy @Nitin_CMH @jamewils

Right. I too have same feelings.

Top of it, they created an agenda in 2013 based on some fictional work of erstwhile CAG, Vinod rai. People believe came out to support ethical politics but alas!! AAP destroyed all hopes and trust.


@Bhavika @Amber @vikram @HalkutHateli @praveen @AninditaGuha @BhavanaVarun @EagleEyes@mastodon.social @naukarshah @KumarPushpendra @Mohammed_Faiz @asifrahman @musafir @nilanjanaroy @Nitin_CMH @jamewils

IAC movement was just like a man made disaster for India by some opportunist crook leaders to fulfill their political desire. Its after effect still we can see in the form Modi government.
During this movement also, I was unaffected as I knew that this was just to create a way to fulfill thier wish.

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