Hey @stux

Help me pal, to get more and more followers!!

@ShubhamAITC @stux Why do you believe you need more followers?
This isn't Birdsite. Your worth isn't measured in how many followers you have. It doesn't make you cooler, more famous, or anything like that. If you want to be an influencer, this isn't the right social network for you.
Just find cool people and interact with them. Be friendly, interesting, funny. Having interesting conversations will contribute to your well being much more than some silly number, you'll see! :)

But you forget one thing, it's not bad to have many followers (real ones) since you'll have more audience you will have more reach..


@stux @ShubhamAITC I suppose that's true. Hashtags help with that, though. And if a toot is good, then it'll likely get boosted around anyway.
But that's one advantage of joining a smaller instance in Mastodon; your toot is more likely to be noticed in the local timeline.

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