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Fourth rally by Mamata Banerjee in four days. Integrating popular culture makes for powerful messaging: 'kashor-ghanta' reverberating at the #NoCABNoNRC rally today.

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But here is some news from West Bengal

The "Didi Ke Bolo" helpline started by the All India Trinamool Congress is proving to be really really helpful day after day

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Bernie Sander's campaign is the ONLY campaign that can defeat Trump!

BJP-RSS supporters hurl severe ethnic abuses at Bengalis for their culture of having non-veg food during Durga Puja.

Shows how much hatred the supporters have for the Bengali community.


BJP's treatment of Bengalis:

A former BJP CM, Mr Kalyan singh wants to change the words of National Anthem as he alleges Rabindranath Tagore was praising the British rulers in this song.


The West Bengal government has taken assertive action to protect it's people from the implications of cyclone

The West Bengal government under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee had constructed several cyclone shelters, which have led to saving the lives of thousands during the cyclone

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