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Why install Mastodon for free when you can pay Trump $1bn to do it for you ๐Ÿ™„ twitter.com/FT/status/14672357

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NASA can now better map the Martian interior, thanks to the help of a seismograph planted on the planet's surface.

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Six state treasurers are calling for substantial changes at Activision Blizzard as pressure mounts against the gaming company.

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Elon Musk called SpaceX employees into work the Friday after Thanksgiving, citing a "production crisis" that threatened a "risk of bankruptcy" in a now-infamous email.

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The may push the U.S. to enforce real regulatory changes, but "solutions [must] be tailored, carefully, to solve the actual issues that need to be addressed."

@EFF@twitter.com suggests some options, including a strong national privacy law: eff.org/deeplinks/2021/11/afte

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WTF, eh?

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Russia continues to claim that a NASA astronaut drilled a hole in its Soyuz spacecraft in 2018. NASA, again, strongly asserts that this allegation is without merit.

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Meet Jose Lopez Dominguez, a Tech Manager @Globant@twitter.com. Check out what he thinks are the biggest obstacles to green software and how they can be overcome.

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30 light-years away, there's an exoplanet planet that looks a lot like a hotter version of Mercury.

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At Proton, we think is a fundamental right for everyone. On this International Day of People with Disabilities (), we're sharing features from our services that promote accessibility.

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Open-source Vizio lawsuit takes an ugly turn zd.net/3dkqQPm by @sjvn@twitter.com

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Another project planned for @PixelFed@twitter.com at pixelfed.social/The-AnKorage : Upgrading the former @Raspberry_Pi@twitter.com cluster case!


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