Another day, more privacy washing from Google.

Google Play Store is labeling apps as "Teacher approved", which is meant to be read as "kid-safe", but advocacy groups have filed an FTC complaint for deceptive labeling, as some of these apps violate COPPA.

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Thank you @switchedtolinux for reading a couple of my comments on the stream, last night. I'll be sure to return when I can. It's fun.

Last night, I gave cloning my USB stick another stab at cloning. I used this command in terminal:

sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdc bs=4M status=progress && sync

Ran the command and it finished within 30 minutes from a 500 gig stick to 500 gig ssd.

Rebooted, this morning via the ssd using a USB connection and it works like a charm!

@switchedtolinux may be proud of this success. (If I remember, I might get on Discord, tonight.)

Upcoming project just got in line!

"Core to our belief is that behavioral advertising is not only unnecessary & creepy, but enables discrimination, manipulation, & filter bubbles."

Watch our VP of Marketing, Cristina Stanley, discuss data privacy in advertising in this @Gigasavvy panel:

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Today we will talk about FOSS software and why we choose to use that.
7:00p EST

Delighted to announce @EFF will be switching to the DuckDuckGo Smarter Encryption dataset in their HTTPS Everywhere extension!

If you're a user, the update will happen automatically giving you broader protection. You can also get it in our app/extension.

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Smarter Encryption detects unencrypted (insecure HTTP) connections to websites & automatically upgrades them to secure connections (HTTPS) when possible. HTTPS protects personal data like search terms and anything you view & type from network snoopers.

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We generate the Smarter Encryption dataset by continuously crawling and re-crawling websites, ensuring it's up-to-date while protecting you in the background.

Privacy, simplified.

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plans to end it's mask mandate on Friday. Since the decision may be, partly, based on current status and numbers it may be a good thing.

With the failure of cloning the encrypted USB stick with a build on it, I'll just have to box the drive, stick in the new and install a fresh instance of Linux Mint... Encrypted, of course.

Nope. Not happening. No copying of special files. So that kills that idea.

Long long way it must be.

A day and a half later, dd was still locked up. It's been long enough. I'll have to do this the long way and copy my home folder over.

A day and a half, later... SSD activity light is still on solid. I'll give it until tonight. At that point, not having it running will be unreasonable.

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