Big Tech's growing monopoly power means that more and more people are looking for secure alternatives to Gmail that won't read their emails or profit off their data. Here's what makes our Swiss-based email service a good candidate for the top spot:

Loving the new WebApps software for . Though, it does have issues and needs work.

The Laravel framework just released a security update, we recommend all Pixelfed instances update to the latest commits! #pixelfed

Despite initial claims that data collected by Singapore's "voluntary" contact tracing app (TraceTogether) would not be accessed unless directly related to COVID-19, @dhpierson reveals that data collected is now up for grabs for criminal investigations.

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"App defaults are designed for the companies that make them, not for users." Wise words from @anildash in his "personal digital reset".

Take a minute to check the default settings for your apps. There's at least one with privacy by default, y'know. 😉

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Pixelfed Labs will be sunset on June 14, 2021.

We learned a lot from Labs experiments and will focus our efforts on mobile apps, improving federation and core feature development.

#pixelfed #pixelfedLabs

Finished production work on the music video for 2020. Now, the credits, messages, etc. Planning on being done before this week is finished.

"Google’s power is immeasurable. You see what Google wants you to see."

An explainer on the U.S. antitrust lawsuits against the tech giant for "favoring its own products over competitors’ in search results & unfairly driving up digital ad prices":

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WhatsApp users beware: the app will now force users to agree to share data (i.e. phone numbers, other people’s numbers stored in address books, location, etc.) w/Facebook (even if you've previously opted out).

Time to switch to @signalapp!

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This week in the Weekly News Roundup, we look at Privacy, Business, Security, and Silly news on this second week of the dumpster fire that is 2021.
#WeeklyNewsRoundup #Privacy #Windows10

9:00p EST

This week's stories about data privacy and more are now available over on @Ragnar_AnKorage !

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