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β€œIt became clear to J. Allen Brack and Activision Blizzard leadership that Blizzard Entertainment needs a new direction and leadership given the critical work ahead in terms of workplace culture, game development, and innovation.” wired.trib.al/QVImBoy

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They should, probably, camp the doors, full medility garb, to boot.

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Microsoft to require COVID-19 vaccination proof for U.S. employees, vendors zd.net/3lqUcks by @maryjofoley@twitter.com

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"TikTok only needs one important piece of information to figure out what you want: the amount of time you linger over a piece of content. Every second you hesitate or rewatch, the app is tracking you."


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Higher, more frequent tides are set to make coastal flooding more common in the 2030s, partly thanks to the Moon's slight wobble. wired.trib.al/w9j1tbT

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QR codes grew in prevalence during the last 18-months, & privacy experts are concerned, reports @erinkwoo@twitter.com.

β€œPeople don’t understand that when you use a QR code, it inserts the entire apparatus of online tracking between you & your meal."


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Confirmed: is experiencing a new partial internet disruption with high latency affecting a wide variety of online services. The incident is likely to limit citizens' access to information amid ongoing human rights demonstrations πŸ“‰

πŸ“° Previously: netblocks.org/reports/social-m

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It has a "frikkin' laser on its head?"(sarcastic)

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The new Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer will convince you to see this movie trib.al/uJgdMg4

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