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11 websites that will help you learn Linux faster (they are free)🐧👇

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Introducing the $6 Raspberry Pi Pico W, the RP2040-based microcontroller you know and love, now with added wireless connectivity for all your IoT needs. Get yours today: raspberrypi.com/news/raspberry

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If you want to learn Notion for free, open this thread 🧵

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We are going live in just 15 minutes! Come join the launch of the Office of the IT Guy! youtu.be/NYjPgt8jCNU

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50+ Linux networking commands and their explanation 🧵↓

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That new Mastodon app is pretty cool! Close to Twitter, displays links and embeds well, I'll use that one now instead of Tusky!

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Winamp was released 25 years ago. Load up your favorite MP3s over at webamp.org and relive the magic! 🦙 ⚡️ t.co/fOXND46UGX

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Do you want to know how to use RGB LED Strips in your projects using the Pimoroni Plasma 2040 - a Raspberry Pi RP2040 powered controller board, then this is the video for you.

💁‍♂️ For more information on SMARS Robots, tutorials and more visit: smarsfan.com

🎖To jo…

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I guess my "Douche Level" is pretty high as I still use a lot of these terms at my workplace.😬

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Here is the PiDeck in its freshly printed stand - (at 1/10 the cost of a Streamdeck) @raspberrypi@twitter.com ⁦@adafruit@twitter.com⁩ ⁦@pimoroni@twitter.com⁩

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We turn 10 today. Happy birthday to us.

While we wait to see if we out-trend Lady Gaga again, here's Eben talking about a decade of Raspberry Pi:


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Practical Electronics Magazine archive. This is pretty sweet. Thanks @LOOKMUMNOCMPUTR@twitter.com for the heads up. worldradiohistory.com/Practica

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Slackware 15 is released! A Distro You Really Should Try Because you're worth it! by @bloke_tech@twitter.com

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