Happy birthday to the best @IronMan there is! 🎉 🎈 ❤️

Happy Belated Birthday, @IronMan my friend.
Your work for the Resistance, both online and in your community, has been important and appreciated.
Well done, you.

@IronMan @heroesresist@gup.pe

Mail the ballots by May 12 or drop them off at one of 22 locations.



Nancy is a legend; the de facto leader of our country until the presidency is restored with an actual human being.

We are incredibly lucky to have her as Speaker.

Let's take back what's left of our damaged democracy and economy and begin to move forward again.

I'm 100% on board for it. 

I love that companies do this on their own. We owe them thanks.

I don't love that we have a president who can't coordinate a walk across a room, let alone making face shields for front line workers.

Wherever we are in the COVID-19 crisis by November, Joe Biden will do a much better job of handling it.

Toymaker Hasbro is making thousands of face shields for health care workers:

We clearly have inadequate safety nets in this country, as well as an inadequate system for patients and PCP physicians if this is happening.

Too much power to insurance companies and it needs to change.

The tragedy to communities in losing primary care physicians is immeasurable.

This should be the least we can do. I'm quite ready to sink them all.

Find a candidate and get involved today. We have 6 months. @heroesresist@gup.pe

Nervous Republicans See Trump Sinking, and Taking Senate With Him nyti.ms/3cN7Ire

The briefings were not supposed to be "worth it" from his "time" standpoint.

The briefings are supposed to provide information that will help all Americans during this crisis. He's saying it's too much trouble for him to provide truthful information while 50,000 people here are dead and counting.

Vote him out.

Trump says briefings "not worth his time" after disinfectant gaffe:

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Wearing a PROPER mask and practicing social distancing WHERE POSSIBLE is a stopgap until a vaccine?

Greetings, Stux.

I have been told numerous positive items about your instance. 🖖

Did you know that we don't track our users on ? We do not have one clue where people are from, how they get to us or anything else for that matter.

That's called privacy. Something Twitter doesn't know anything about.

Blever about social media


One can’t help but wonder how differently things might have been had we not had as our president a narcissistic liar who spent the first weeks of the crisis pandering to his gullible and ignorant supporters by minimizing the risk.

These restaurants owners tried to act before the Trump administration did.

One Tampa Bay restaurant group is doing what it must to save the family business. It may not be enough:

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