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The first money which was donate was use to buy sand an cement an make blocks we make that one. The donation money was around 35,000GMD in our money. We make block an was not enough. We ask for an other donation.

Our house was affected by a flood in the rainy season my followers an following help me with a donation to make the roof when we went for clearing we found out that the house us really bad so we decide to build a new house we use the donation to buy cement an sand to make block seen it's the difficult part of building house.

I am doing another collection for @Sbarry8520. His house was hit by a storm. The aim is to collect 40.000 GMD, which is about 670€ or 780$. We already have 200€. If you want to participate, get in touch to talk about the money transfer. Afterwards I will send the full amount to Gambia. Boosts are very welcome :)

Thanks to all the supporters an the donated person with the one helping me to collect through his PayPal. May God bless you all.

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