Struggling for the best education hope to be employed someday an make things right to there place.
I am having some difficulties in life which are really hard sometime hard to take care of them. But what can I do I doesn’t choose the life I’m living in but who’s knows the future might looks great. We have been in to many things in life but thank God we are still alive an doing well even though my parents has a kind of bad sickness which is always need to be treated.

The most sad part of it is that my first thing to do in life is our house an take care of the family.

In this small town the Gambians suffer much by the europeans through the slavery. Some were ask to change there name some will agree some will not so many die because of punishment.
To those who die may there souls rest in peace. THE WORLD WAS CRAZY AT THAT TIME!!!

Happy new year!
Last year was a sad year for me an my family.
We hope this year will be good enough for each an everyone who is alive.
Looking forward to see new things in life.

We are hoping to start our family house this month January but we are tied with money the amount we are having can only buy the enough material. We don’t have money to pay the workers they ask about 60k in our money.

Im packing some wood to make a fire an make it to charcoal that’s where I’m suspecting some money when I sale the charcoals.

I believe I might need some help from my followers. I will speak with Georg to help me with a donation post an collect it for me.

Anyone among here who can help with a donation post can go ahead an make a donation post for me an my family.

As soon as possible when we have the 40% that can make a starting for us an when the work is about to finish then we can complete their money.

Thanks to each an everyone who’s reading this

Those wood are pack at the land.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas! May your time with loved ones an filled with joy. Thank you followers.

The course is for both electrical an electronic.
The electronic is not that much big because we don't have such of electronic companies. But lot focus on the electronic competent.

We will never forget this day. But what should have happen will happen.

The election results is going on from each polling station to another. The president is still leading from half of the result mention. This are the 6 political parties.
Wee barrow!!!!

I read this from an old book which was use in about 9 to 10 years back by the primary school talking about the thanksgiving. Good tradition an history.

The weather is changing to the cold seasons as Dec is always cold.
But in Gambia during the day know that it's sunny an little hot we don't know how it will be this year the rainy season was different from all the ones we where having for the past years.
The picture is early this morning around 7am while i was going to school.
It's look great.

The second donation which was raise was 60,000GMD in our money so we bought 100 sac of cement with two truck of sand an complete making the blocks. So now the blocks stage is finished.

The first money which was donate was use to buy sand an cement an make blocks we make that one. The donation money was around 35,000GMD in our money. We make block an was not enough. We ask for an other donation.

Our house was affected by a flood in the rainy season my followers an following help me with a donation to make the roof when we went for clearing we found out that the house us really bad so we decide to build a new house we use the donation to buy cement an sand to make block seen it's the difficult part of building house.

Thanks to all the supporters an the donated person with the one helping me to collect through his PayPal. May God bless you all.

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