So now we want to start building the house itself seen the blocks was the reason why we didn't start building now we have enough blocks.
I'm here again asking for help from anyone who can be able to help because seen this has start is people who are helping my family to have a place to sleep may God bless an guide an protect all of them. We need to start building the house itself but we need financial to buy sand, gravol, iron rods, with stone an to pay the constructors to come an build. If we will be able to buy the material the contractor can get half of his money when he's done with the house an he will get the rest of his money. We can't say we need this amount but what ever anyone can be able to donate can help what ever he or she have in clean heart anything we will kindly accept it with a good heart. The guy with the PayPal is there seen day one he's helping me with the collection seen they said it's easy to donate in PayPal @gcrkrause you can ask him with the PayPal info.

@kranfahrer Dankö 👍. @gcrkrause Könntest du mir die Paypal Infos für @Sbarry8520 zukommen lassen? Vorzugsweise auch gern was ohne Paypal, das geht schneller bei mir 😎.

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