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I read this from an old book which was use in about 9 to 10 years back by the primary school talking about the thanksgiving. Good tradition an history.

The weather is changing to the cold seasons as Dec is always cold.
But in Gambia during the day know that it's sunny an little hot we don't know how it will be this year the rainy season was different from all the ones we where having for the past years.
The picture is early this morning around 7am while i was going to school.
It's look great.

I read a sad story about with the trial it was so sad!!!
Hope the nation will make the future more good for the up coming. America is a big nation an lot of the non super powers are looking down to them!!!
I can't say much because of the constitutional right about the guns.
But guns should be control at the public places especially at a violence area or protest place those place fight can happen anytime.

Currently last batch of foggy autumn #infrared photos. I love these especially. This place is so calm, yet otherworldly in these weather conditions. #landscapephotography #MastoArt

An who ever feel helping again can go ahead before he will send the full amount. I pray if anyone is in something may Allah make it possible for him an his family.

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Thanks to the donates I'm speaking with the collector about it! May God bless who ever participate in this an may God bless some who where not able to make it because not everyone is in the position to help! My family will be very happy to see your help again. Thanks followers we will look at a day an he send the money.

Interesting... coincidence I guess, that the US Veterans' Day day and Singles' Day are both on the same day. :thaenkin:

Thank you all for the contribution to make this happen! Soon! We will be able to get the amount need anything is good nothing is small all that money is raised from people who do what he or she can im expecting anyone who can be able to help to participate may GOD bless you all for the donation, like an boost.

We raised 476.58€, to reach our target we still need 200€! 20 people giving 10€ would already enough, please consider a donation if you can effort it to enable @Sbarry8520 to rebuild their families house!

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We collected 346.26€! This is the half of what is needed to fund the building of the house and help @Sbarry8520 and his family to have a place to live again.

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@Sbarry8520 has been building a house for their family after a storm destroyed their previous house recently. They have been mostly funding it through donations here on the #fediverse!

I just sent €10 and would love to see us all chip in and help get this project completed! The amount they need we can probably get together in the next 24 hours without much trouble.

@gcrkrause is collecting money through paypal and will do the work getting the money into The Gambia, so dm them for the address.

Anything is better!
Anything is good!
Nothing is small what ever anyone can is powerful!!!

So now we want to start building the house itself seen the blocks was the reason why we didn't start building now we have enough blocks.
I'm here again asking for help from anyone who can be able to help because seen this has start is people who are helping my family to have a place to sleep may God bless an guide an protect all of them. We need to start building the house itself but we need financial to buy sand, gravol, iron rods, with stone an to pay the constructors to come an build. If we will be able to buy the material the contractor can get half of his money when he's done with the house an he will get the rest of his money. We can't say we need this amount but what ever anyone can be able to donate can help what ever he or she have in clean heart anything we will kindly accept it with a good heart. The guy with the PayPal is there seen day one he's helping me with the collection seen they said it's easy to donate in PayPal @gcrkrause you can ask him with the PayPal info.

The second donation which was raise was 60,000GMD in our money so we bought 100 sac of cement with two truck of sand an complete making the blocks. So now the blocks stage is finished.

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