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Village lake🏞
The kids enjoy swimming over here an they learn how to swim in this lake but there are deep part where only elder goes there. It's normally full in the morning or sometime dry.
The water is a clean water.

We would never imagine she will be gone so soon. Rest well!

Thank you all for praying for my little sister.
May God bless you all.

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We lost our great little sister last night at the clinic.
Rest easy, Abbie.
May your soul Rest In Peace.

To all those across and around the world celebrating Eid al-Adha, I wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday filled with community, celebration an compassion.
Eid Mubarak and Hajj Mabroor!

Hi I am here to thank you all for the donation help for my little sister surgery for the hernia.
@collector said we have about 120$ out of the 400$ seem like still we do need some help.
Here is the PayPal:
If anyone is in the position to help like I said nothing is small whatever you can. Help me share it. Thank you all.

It’s still bad with my little sister.
The doctors said she should had a surgery for the hernia before it will go further.
We are working on that an at the same time we are arranging money for the surgery because the requirement for the surgery is very high around 35k in our money we already have some money with us but not enough to the surgery amount.

My little sister supposed to be discharged today from the hospital but the doctors told us that she can’t be discharged today because it’s really bad an she lost water in the body. So I guess tomorrow or on Sunday. But we have bad news from the doctors that she truly need to take a surgery for the hernia.
The most sad side of it this is the second time we are told that she need to take a surgery.

Today we had a bad day with my family one of my siblings had a bad fever an fall down we take her to the hospital we find out that the cause for the fever is something called HERNIA.

Some days back I show some post about PRIDE CELEBRATION going on what's it all about. Is it a festivals.

"Russia is causing the increase of food prices and trying to export looted wheat and grain.

We are calling on all our partners to make sure that whatever they buy, they know where it comes from and they don't take anything looted by the Russians from Ukraine."


Instead of playing with toys... And she looks so proud then they ask why all the shootings. Now go play with your gun!

#OtD 1 Jun 2017 bus drivers from 12 depots in Sydney, Australia, went on a fare strike – giving free rides to passengers – in protest at privatisation. The one-day protest was insufficient to stop privatisation which continues to this day

#OtD 6 May 1933 Nazis raided the Institute of Sex Research in Berlin. It was a pioneering org which supported gay and trans rights, and equality for women. It employed numerous trans workers and pioneered gender affirmation surgery. Its library was then burned

The mess among some #anarchists and #antifascists on the war in #Ukraine is happening partly due to some writers from the movement repeating moscow narrative on the events in the country. For example widely popular Antifa Comic Book from Gord Hill describes Maidan as NATO Coup

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