संघी मुखपत्र पांचजन्य का यह कवर उनकी frustration को उजागर कर रहा है.

कामरेड तो जरा भी परेशान नहीं हैं,
हालत तो संघियों की खराब हो रही है क्योंकि जेएनयू और हिन्दुस्तान भर के छात्र उन्हें देश बेचने नहीं दे रहे.

जिओ यूनिवर्सिटी को बनने से पहले ही 1000 करोड़ देने वालों को शर्म आनी चाहिए कि शुल्क वृद्धि को मामूली बात बता रहे हैं!

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One of the assignments that my sociology professor repeatedly gave (despite no one doing them) was to map the different counties of the world based on the natural resources they had in abundance. He wanted us to recollect and relate those names whenever the USA went to war.

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So this is how VC @mamidala90 & @DelhiPolice treat students peacefully protesting against massive 999% fee hike on ! Police brutality, water canons for demanding inclusive & accessible campus & affordable education for all. Shame!

Solidarity with JNU students' ongoing struggle against

- draft Hostel Manual
- 999% Fee Hike
- service charge
- patriarchal dress code
- regressive hostel rules, curfew timings

@DelhiPolice - why are plain clothes men illegally wielding guns & tear gas guns in JNU? t.co/rJRL4eN1yY

जेएनयू छात्रों का संघर्ष ज़िंदाबाद

ड्राफ्ट होस्टल मेनुअल,
999% फीसवृद्धि,
सर्विस चार्ज
वापस लो!
ड्रेसकोड किसलिए?
होस्टलों में जेल वाले नियम और कर्फ्यू टाइमिंग्स वापस लो!

संघी वीसी इस्तीफा दो,
दिल्ली पुलिस, मोदी सरकार होश में आओ.


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If larger country oppresses a smaller country,I’ll stand with smaller country

If smaller country has Majoritarian Religion which oppresses minority religions,I’ll stand with Minority religion

If minority religion has caste & one caste oppresses another caste,I’ll stand with caste being oppressed

In oppressed caste if an employer oppresses his employee,I’ll stand with employee

If employee goes Home & oppresses his wife,I’ll stand with that woman

Overall oppression is my enemy

True. True reconciliation can only come when there is confidence that the law in this country bases itself not just on faith and belief, but on evidence.

The verdict on Ayodhya: a historian's perspective - The Hindu

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Rest in power PS Krishnan - the rare bureaucrat who was a lifelong crusader for social justice, SC/ST/OBC reservations. He was the driving force behind social justice policy making for decades. What a huge loss. Read about his work here. forwardpress.in/2018/08/p-s-kr

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A clear SC Order regarding #paddy straw burning Issue---

"For the time being, we direct Punjab, Haryana & U.P to disburse Rs 100/Qt to small and marginal farmers in Punjab, Haryana and U.P & they should not wait for or write letters to the Central Govt to give certain funds for this purpose. Let it be released forthwith & any non-compliance of the same would be viewed seriously".

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A clear SC Order regarding #paddy straw burning Issue---

"We direct the State Govts to dedicate these straw management machines, modern equipment for d service of small+marginal farmers for d time being even if necessary free of cost. Let concrete steps be taken & action taken report be submitted to this Court within a period of 1 month".

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BirdSite is SO cute!! They happily accomodate such tweets blatantly promoting majoritarian bullying and then post LONG threads on how they are apparently a fair, balanced and safe platform LOL...

THIS is why our exodus to Mastodon happened. THIS is why BirdSite must be robbed of its monopoly over controlling online chatter and agenda.

#TootNotTweet 🐘

@Deepsealioness @KavitaKrishnan @obscurosaur @PJ_KING @sanjayuvacha @OpusOfAli

Savarkar: Bigot Not Patriot | Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation

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😃😃 The top trend on birdsite is @MastodonProject
And 7 of the top twelve trending hashtags on the birdsite are ones that give Modi & his troll army heartburn 😁

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The opposition to fascism can't be subtle, it needs to be in their face.

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Govt to force LIC, SBI & pension funds to invest in stalled housing projects. I mean these fund managers aren't going to take prudent financial decisions for its investors. But throw our money down the drain on the directions of Govt.

NO Citizenship Amendment bill !

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