The lawyers of the Punjab & Haryana High Court, please welcome a fine judge #JusticeMuralidhar in your midst. He comes from a chamber where, "It is not how you do in a good case that matters, but how you do in a bad case."

Time. You don't know what it will make you.
Time made BJP build world's largest statue of a Congress man who banned their parent organization RSS.
Time made a hindutva Hindu wear burkha in a so called Hindu rashtra.
Wait for more to see what Time has in it's sleeve. Time.

"PM has never been a student himself, his contempt for them is not surprising."

Naseeruddin Shah in conversation with Sidharth Bhatia of @thewire

Mighty America knows fight Mafia is hard, So do Mexico n other countries. Fight against mafia is a never-ending fight. Because Mafias are prepared to do what they do and know the consequence.
Now think of the Mafia ruling a country!!! GOD SAVE INDIA.

Boy with Tricolour found dead in Bihar. "β€œWhat sort of people will kill a boy holding the Tricolour?” What can #NewIndia say in response?

The largest ever protest has ever seen. Crowd was still waiting to move at starting point hours after reaching the destination.


The only thing #BipinRawat needs to tell us, is how a car load of #RDX got past the borders, to #Pulwama, we have a home minister & home ministry to deal with internal security & protests.


Saamne goli khaaunga, kisi ko bhi bahar nahi jaane dunga: @raftaarmusic on CAA

"This mans name is Arshad. He takes care of me to the extent that no one can even push me If anyone talks about asking him to leave the country, I will take the bullet for it"

On #MohammadRafi's birth anniversary his immortal "man tarpat hai hari darshan ko aaj.." sung by Rafi, written by ShakeelBadayuni and composed by Naushad. Would they all have been asked to prove their nationality under #CAA_NRC?

Tadipaar and his genocide accused partner will not cancel . What India going to do?

Why super star Khans are silent on ? They are brave only on screen.

Am afraid BJP goons along with bajrang dal and vhp criminals will create problem or riots against the protestors.

Will those who were celebrating fake encounter of the accused in Hyderabad now ask for capital punishment for rapist criminal BJP MLA sengar?!

Look at this & there are many of them. This will give you a feeling of How the #Dogs of #BJP IT cell are barking?

@RahulGandhi, The savarkar statement was one of a great leader. Don't apologize. Don't get bullied by shivesena either, if they don't like it tell them to FO. Salute.

Hello Friends,
The ruling party BJP's stooge Twitter has locked my account again for 7 days. Anyways, I wanted to get rid of that nonsense bird site.
Happy the govt agent Twitter locked my account

Hahaha @twitter blocked me again because I mentioned negative about our prime moron. While every other tweet I see has direct threat and most obscene, Twitter India has problem when you mention Sanghis.

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