@Mastodon Why I can't get any response from Admin? I have a problem connecting Mastodon on my cell phone. If this is the condition I have to stop using this platform. Please help.

I don't understand why Sanghis hate muslims so much? Or do they hate everyone? If someone know the reason please help to know that. May be all can have a dialogue.

@stux I cannot use Mastodon on my cell phone. why? I get invalid email password message. Please help.

@Mastodon @MastodonProject good to have another much transparent platform. Hope you upgrade and improve the site with the phenomenal response you get. All the best. By the way where is help?

Mastodon, help I can't use my account on my cellphone. Invalid email or password message. @Mastodon

Hi Everyone,
Let's start our fight against all injustices here. Follow me.


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