Five non BJP States petition the central government to release their share of the GST funds. This is looking seriously bad

@Saikatd it really does. I wonder what are the BJP ruled states are going to meet their demands. I am waiting for another Nirmala Sitharaman press conference on a Saturday evening about this.

@musafir Nov 29 when the next numbers come out. Either expect some more norms, or some new outrage to divert attention.

@Saikatd this whole propaganda of simplifying taxes is up for a toss. I wonder if this is going to be taken in the way it should be. Because this is going to further add to the slowdown.

@musafir @Saikatd okay owing to such deficits and pending payments, they are hiking the fees of the universities where JNU is the most highlighted one. Next, they may even eye on the govt employees' salaries.☹️ Disastrous!

@CharismaticSal_ it's already happened. BSNL employees are getting their salaries delayed while ISRO have their salary cut for senior staff.

@musafir @Saikatd

@Vishsai @CharismaticSal_ @musafir @Saikatd what she is saying it will be more so. Of course the public will cheer because the image is Govt. machinery doesn't do much work without realizing how much presures they work in.

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