Why did we start moving from the is now well knoan. But what can we do to make better and not repeat the mistakes of . Some thoughts in a

It's easy to blame others for the toxicity. But those of us who moved here -- are we introspective about the mistakes we made inadvertently?

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The unfortunate aspect of social media is that it isn't very social. It quickly descends into cliques or closed communities, where echo chambers thrive. There is no real egalitarianism, even though we claim to uphold it.

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We also look for similar people. So that out confirmation biases get reinforced. For example, on we have (Friday Follows) or recommendations on who to follow. To my mind, that was wrong

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When we start recommending lists, people to follow, we end up building social capital that is inherently non egalitarian. It becomes an exercise of our privilege, or adding to the privilege of others. How is that egalitarian?

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Isn't everyone equally good enough to follow? Should I arrogate the right to recommend others? Why can't I leave people to decide for themselves? And why can't they exercise their agency to discover new voices, new thoughts?

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This inherent tribalism (is social media parochialism) is inherently toxic by nature. It ended up justifying all sorts of toxicity that we eventually witnessed on . But we never thought to introspect. Instead, we brought the same habits here. The same privileges and the same inequalities.

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So here's what I going to do differently here. I am going to follow more people. Hear new and more voices. Listen. And not recommend anyone. Everyone is good and if you need to follow or hear someone, you will find them. You don't need me.

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So here's our chance to actually build a community that is inclusive, egalitarian and not exclusive by design. Let's hope we can keep it that way. Happy tooting folks! And a Happy

@Saikatd very well said Saikat. We need to stop building idols, heroes and temples here. Every voice important as long as it is respectful.

Let’s all follow each other and destroy the edifice of high followership just as the elitist blue tick has been rendered useless here.

People who make sense and have valuable/ quality opinions to share will stand out no matter what

@navneetmathur I hear you. And that's a start for me. Listening more.

@navneetmathur @Saikatd what if we sought recommendations only because we were starved of time? Still a bad idea?

To follow someone randomly and then months later discover that the person has been toxic, will be a waste of time. Rather if someone gives me a list of non-toxic ppl to follow, wouldn't that be an efficient use of time?

Trial & error vs Tried & tested

@silverlightgal @navneetmathur @Saikatd A person can be turn toxic at an given moment. Mastodon ha a better steps to deal with it. Most people are genuine and caring.

So do follow as many people as you can, have as many conversations as possible. Limiting yourself to a list is just an opportunity lost to meet and socialize with a lot more people.

@Saikatd inevitably it will be another Twitter if reaches that scale. I mean with DFI being a moderated platform with mods being appointed by the admins. And we had issues. That is a old style discussion forum with total registration of over 10,000.

@YusufUnjhawala So, from your experience, what can we do to make it more inclusive and less exhibitionist/exclusive?

Rules on posting should be clear. On Twitter you have “twitter rules” which nobody knows about. It’s algorithm driven which will not necessarily be right. It cannot learn culture & lingo of every nation. Post can be offensive for one, alright for another. It cannot understand say what Sanjay posted & meant.

Maybe have country wise mod team (volunteer based ??) which can look into violations reported & also have an appeal system. Offer to be a mod based on a rating system perhaps.

@YusufUnjhawala @Saikatd

Multiple humans as moderators. Local, if the scale is global. Rules that are published clearly, reviewed periodically (and updated as required). Some discernment in the implementation, (which is essentially a very human thing).

@Saikatd You are being too hard on yourself. Fine to recommend others you like & choose to follow; but in order to expand the horizons, try making your choices more eclectic. That would also expand the diversity on this platform which comes across as narrower & more straight-jacketed than #Birdsite. Just my two cents.

Hey @Saikatd I agree with you. Let's do away with both "shoulds and should nots"

And let it be. Whatever it is. Not pushing either experiences or expectations. And just explore this. Like a baby does.

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