Suggestion to folks signing on mastodon. Try and set up your bio and display pic. Try and use the same you had on Twitter. Will be easier for us to connect. Please RT (retoot 😁)

@Saikatd True, but there could be impersonations. Only way to verify is to wait for a toot or two. For ex @Sonali I am not sure.

@Saikatd Great idea. But unfortunately I can’t find the rare picture of Nehru laughing at Modi. 😉

@Saikatd Done, now tell me how can i get that blue tick?🧐🤔

@wierdmind I am on the mstdn[dot]social, so not sure about your instance. Try name<space>:verified: Might work for you as well.

@Chattambigeek Still figuring out. But some say that the India-specific servers aren't big enough. Not exactly sure how that might affect reach/connections etc

There are a few to choose.

this is #fediverse service but run by #Pleroma. lightweight but powerful.
by Indian not profit org.

run by volunteers from Kerala who are good in tech.

for right wing (if I am not wrong)

feel free join.

@Chattambigeek@mastodon.socia @Saikatd

@Saikatd yup totally. That's the only way I discovered you here and @DilliDurAst as well.

@Saikatd hey mastodon and mstdn are different servers is it? You have blue tick?

@Deepsealioness Yes. I followed @naukarshah & @prasanna_s top where the blue tick works.

@Saikatd Suggestion to you. Try and not put "verified" on your profile even if it's meant as a commentary on Twitter. It seems anithetical to the spirit of the whole exercise.


@goofysufi Thanks. I get what you are saying. Just did this for a bit too avoid any impersonation. In fact, verified is open to all. And it's good cyber hygiene.

@Saikatd Use Keybase to cryptographically certify that you control both your Birdsite and your Mastodon accounts:

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