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Modi: "Every Indian will have a house by 2022"

Black Money: Lol
Cashless Economy: Lol
Corruption: Lol
Swachh Bharat: Lol
Digital Farming: Lol
Startup India: Lol
Make in India: Lol
Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas: Lol
Beti Bachao Beti Padhao: Lol
5 Trillion Economy: Lol

Rs 15 Lakh: LMAO

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@Saikatd After reading this article, same question came to mind immediately. When South-korean researcher who has so many detailed links and evidences that trace back to North Korea why India isn't taking it seriously and getting in touch with him.

You have explained everything very well in this article, and gave proper details about this hack.

The saddest (and worrying part) is that no official from India dealing with has been in touch with South Korea's Choi Sang-myeong.

That explains why India's posture is so poor.

So how was the attack carried out?

What are the antecedents of the attackers who hacked into Kudankumal Nuclear Power Plant?

What was their level of penetration according to Choi?

Answers in the story:

Remember the Kudankulam power plant hack?

We spoke to Choi Sang-myeong of @issuemakerslab and his research pin points the on the North Koreans. Andrew Salmon in Korea, @iam_anandv and me in India report

Korea's top researcher Choi Sang-myeong told us that he has been able to identify the computer that was used as the launch pad for the against .

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SBI caveats by saying "global slowdown" with countries seeing "22-716 basis point decline June '18-June '19, and India cannot be isolated."
India versus China same period:
8 6.7
5 6.2
India saw 3pp drop and China's by 0.5 pp. Slowdown is more pronounced in India. Wake up fools.
#OnCNBCTV18 | @TheOfficialSBI expects GDP growth in the 2nd quarter to come in at 4.2 %. Soumya Kanti Ghosh, Group CEA of SBI…

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Afzal Khan conquers Maharashtra by crook after hook fails.

"Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla confirms President's rule in Maharashtra."


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Alauddin Khilji thought of himself as the second Alexander - Sikander e Sani.
He wanted to perpetuate his memory with a tower four times the size of the Qutub Minar....
But as Robert Burns said
“The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley"
( often go awry)
So all we have is an unfinished minar...

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@Saikatd Talking of echo chambers, here is a very interesting diagram on how various 'tribes' on the social media are virtually isolated, with almost no communication between them. But IMO even on a platform like Mastodon this will be inevitable.

So here's our chance to actually build a community that is inclusive, egalitarian and not exclusive by design. Let's hope we can keep it that way. Happy tooting folks! And a Happy

So here's what I going to do differently here. I am going to follow more people. Hear new and more voices. Listen. And not recommend anyone. Everyone is good and if you need to follow or hear someone, you will find them. You don't need me.

This inherent tribalism (is social media parochialism) is inherently toxic by nature. It ended up justifying all sorts of toxicity that we eventually witnessed on . But we never thought to introspect. Instead, we brought the same habits here. The same privileges and the same inequalities.

Isn't everyone equally good enough to follow? Should I arrogate the right to recommend others? Why can't I leave people to decide for themselves? And why can't they exercise their agency to discover new voices, new thoughts?

When we start recommending lists, people to follow, we end up building social capital that is inherently non egalitarian. It becomes an exercise of our privilege, or adding to the privilege of others. How is that egalitarian?

We also look for similar people. So that out confirmation biases get reinforced. For example, on we have (Friday Follows) or recommendations on who to follow. To my mind, that was wrong

The unfortunate aspect of social media is that it isn't very social. It quickly descends into cliques or closed communities, where echo chambers thrive. There is no real egalitarianism, even though we claim to uphold it.

It's easy to blame others for the toxicity. But those of us who moved here -- are we introspective about the mistakes we made inadvertently?

Why did we start moving from the is now well knoan. But what can we do to make better and not repeat the mistakes of . Some thoughts in a

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"He believed in a tradition of social justice that also included radical bhakti poets like Sant Ravidas and Basaveswara. According to him, a dialogue within tradition, and among Gandhi, Marx, Ambedkar and Periyar, was essential to strengthen anti-caste politics."

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