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First toot on this platform. Need supports to grow up here.
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You know you can get a
Verified :verified:
Creative Verified :verif_androgine:
Unverified :unverified:
Anti Verified :antiverified: and
Fake Verified :fake_verified: badges unlike aka

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Hey @stux what happened with our fake verified :verified: badge?
It's not even hot summer days, why it's colour has faded? Bring the original color back.

For those who are missing DM tab for Mastodon. If you are using Tusky app follow settings shown in 1st & 2nd. If you are using browser follow steps shown in 3rd.

You are supposed to bow before a God and follow the Constitution, NOT bow before the Constitution and follow a God! @AshokSwain

It's a huge request to every users here to not play Follow-Unfollow game for maintaining your Follows and Followers ratio.
No one is supreme here on
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So my only job on is to learn it and help people from what I've learnt. Crazy !
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Fake profiles of , , , etc are not authentic as per INCIndia's .
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#introduction Techie, ardent reader, moody poet, football fan.

Believes in the ideals of secularism, strives for the idea of equality. Revere Dr.Ambedkar.

Ironically belongs to the land of the saffron poop called RSS. Striving to prove Nagpur is much more than Khakhi chaddis.
@Deepsealioness here to join the family. 🙂

And stop bothering about followers & reach .
Don’t let this become another platform to seek validation from others .

Main ab tak unnees baar "Toot" chuka hoon. Ye beeswi baar hai. Aaah! #pungama

We are still not out of this even after 3 years. Business and economy slow down has created bad impact on citizens.

First toot on this platform. Need supports to grow up here.
@deepsealioness @prasanna_s @ikaveri please boost. 😄

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