Kink where I dress up as a field biologist and tranquilize furries to put radio collars on them

I’m just tracking movements and studying breeding habits, your honor

@RobinHood ok now you're just *trying* to get people worked up ;3

@RobinHood “Your honor, why do I currently detect a bunch of the collars inside your property?”

@RobinHood Can you publish some of those shaded maps showing seasonal migrations, to and from the conventions?

@RobinHood I've been told burning man has an "animal control" team. Apparently they look for people dressed as animals and try to chase them down with giant butterfly nets, to "inoculate" them with various booze.

So, no radio collars, and some of the "wildlife" at burning man probably would prefer being tranquilized over booze, but kinda close?

@lorxus @RobinHood I think I would die within about 24 hours at burning man, but it does sound like some of the best people watching on earth.

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