You can always be better

Don't listen to the internet, you are not doomed, if you have been a bad human, to being a bad human always

You are not your worst days

You are not your worst thoughts

You are not your worst mistakes

You are beautiful and worthy of love, even when you fuck up, and every day after

Be earnest in acknowledging the pain you have caused, be honest in accepting any hurt you have created, know that sometimes you will never be forgiven

and decide to be better

You can always be better 💘

@RobinHood perfect timing for this reminder as I work out how to respond to an email that has triggered old patterns

*deep breath*

I can do it better this time


@RobinHood lMaybe there are no good people, just people trying (or not) to do good things. You can’t erase your history or how you’re perceived, but your present motivations and actions become like a “good person” when you start to do good things. And if you fuck it up and you’re not dead yet, you get to try again.

Haven’t really thought through how this applies to e.g. Alex Jones yet. We’ll cross that bridge if the fucker ever starts trying to do the right thing.

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