Something that this pandemic has brought into stark relief is that there are an enormous number of healthcare workers who don't believe in the basic principles of healthcare

@RobinHood I think (sincerely hope) that it's actually a vocal minority that seems like an enormous number because every time an anti-vaxxer protests the news media are all over it.

@RobinHood doctors refused to wash their hands when germ theory came about, so not surprised

@RobinHood It's one of the most baffling things of the Pandemic.

If I were to work in a hospital right now, I'd be so 100% vaccinated, I'd be lining up for weekly boosters.

There are people working in our hospitals that apparently prefer getting fired to getting a vaccine we've now already given to 100s of millions of people.

@RobinHood I was very excited when my sister told me she was studying to be a doctor, now she is an antivax weirdo, turns out she was studying alternative medicine 😞

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