Bros be like “I was built for a more brutal world before civilization” and can’t use a fucking can opener


I literally had a dude tell me once that he wanted to go out like Liam Neeson in The Gray, I was like bitch you live in the suburbs

The wildest animal you’ve ever seen is a stray cat, that your elderly neighbor won’t stop feeding, named “Poops”

I don’t want my kids to grow up soft


I hope my kids don’t have to work at 15, I hope my kids don’t have to be embarrassed by their patched up hand-me-down clothes, I hope my kids are soft and gentle and learn Shakespeare and Latin and write poetry and compose music, and never have to worry about money or healthcare or peace because that…that MEANS WE FUCKING WON

“I must study politics and war, that our sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.

Our sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture

in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry and porcelain.”

-John Adams

“I hope my grandkids grow up to be soyboys who don’t understand one goddamn thing about war or politics or math or how to build ships, I bet they’re going to make dope ass pots and lay down sick beats and probably weave baskets I don’t give a shit”

-John Fucking Adams

@RobinHood and then, his son died throwing a shitfit in congress about how the Mexican American War sucked ass

somewhere his father was saying "hell yeah that's my boy"

@RobinHood an alternative quote (which I'm probably misquoting) and which goes generations further is

"Hard times make good men.
Good men make easy times.
Easy times make soft men.
Soft men make hard times"

@suetanvil @RobinHood I always interpreted the quote in more of an economic sense (eg the trope of "first gen makes the wealth, second gen builds it, third gen squanders") than a military one. But that's a heartening article regardless, good to have some evidence-based optimism

@RobinHood but... John Quincy Adams grew up to study politics and war even more.

You failed Johnny!

@RobinHood I really read this quote in a different way than you did! I saw it as super conservative. Maybe I'm reading it wrong?

@spacewastrel I can absolutely see that, now that you mention it. You could definitely argue that there's some whispers of reactionary thought in there. But, in this case I think implying that each successive generation can be less practical AND that this is a good thing, makes me lean towards a more progressive interpretation

@RobinHood @spacewastrel I totally see that too, that's the thing! It's like... It could be a response to "I don't want my kid to grow up soft," in which case yeah, totes. It could be a response to "Father, I want to be a painter *right now*," meaning "No, that'll be your kid's job," in which case, not so great. I'd ask him what he meant but he's dead. XD We're several generations down the line from him. Maybe it's a good thing we can imagine a better future than him *now*, one way or the other.

@RobinHood How you except a child to learn Latin and remain soft and gentle is a mystery to me.

@RobinHood yeah, what happened to "automation will make humanity a leisure class"

don't answer that, the answer is capitalism

@RobinHood Yes. As a former kid who lived on his own at 15 and was embarrassed by his lovely wardrobe lovingly provided by his abusive, drunk-ass parents as a little kid...
I hope we win too!

@RobinHood That’s easy enough. Park at a national park and start walking. 🤣

@RobinHood this dude Everyday Carries a buck knife, a revolver, and a deconstructed $200 wallet, and drives to his office job in an F150

@Blakely I drive to my office job in an F150, but in my defense, my county does not have municipal trash collection

@RobinHood i aint got nothin against trucks it's about checking ALL these boxes

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