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What a Wednesday, huh?

Captain, it's only week.

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@RobinHood they're green, they're gray, they haven't been untied in fifteen years

e621 search: those_sneakers_that_dads_wear_when_theyre_mowing_the_lawn

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High Elves are called that because they smonk wed send toot

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1977's THE LATE SHOW is a charming detective caper where a surly old man and a weird loner cat lady team up to avenge his murdered ex-partner and retrieve her stolen cat. it features a killer minivan chase scene, and the hero fooling the baddies at a crucial moment by pretending to die like grampa simpson. a definite lennie thumbs up πŸ‘

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cannot believe that Viral Hog is the real name of a real business. My hog going viral

Imagine there was a video game where the whole point of the game was to create roads that worked perfectly for cars and pedestrians and trains

Imagine you gave this video game to a bunch of neurodivertent people

In 6 months they would have created systems to perfect the flow of traffic in the game in every conceivable scenario

We all know that this is true

And yet people still believe that folks can't do anything extraordinary unless they're under the threat of poverty and death

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@RobinHood Please kindly watch where you happen to tread. Thank you for being considerate. Take care.

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Butt stuff? 

More like "stuffed butt" amirite?

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We need a Star Trek spinoff where it's just billionaires blasting from planet to planet building solid platinum statues of themselves and raw-dogging tribbles

Today reminds me of an old joke:

The Space Race, a competition between the Soviets and the United States to see whose German scientists were better

2021: Where billionaires innovate by reproducing the same old shit that countries figured out how to do in the 50's

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