How Mo-Sh 😜 are cheating the people of India.

#New one-minute video

NRC: Trap 1
CAA: Trap 2
NPR: Trap 3



#Trinamool took part in the #pollution debate in #Parliament and made a constructive suggestion:

#RajyaSabha MP Nadim Ul Haque asked the Environment Minister why the meeting between State ministers and the Centre had not taken place.The Environment Minister has now called a meeting!



হিংসা অহংকার কোটি দূরে
খড়গপুরবাসীর হৃদয় জুড়ে
উন্নয়নে তাকেই দরকার
ভূমিপুত্র প্রদীপ সরকার ।।

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