It's been awhile since I've popped in here. Have the white supremacists taken over?

From PA to the world.

Our gift.


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Biden is a man who understands what it means to be President of the United States of America. He spent 8 years, one heartbeat away.

Trump knows how to be Chief Bully of the Divided States of America. He is destroying this country.

The Republican demographic is shrinking with each passing day. And Trump has delivered a death blow to the party ideologically. He has raped and plundered the party for his own glorification. This, 2020, had been its Götterdammerung

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QAnon: What you need to know about this crazy conspiracy theory - CNET - The pro-Trump hoax is gathering steam as the election nears. -

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I voted. #IVoted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Blue down ballot. Voted absentee by USPS. Ample postage, postmaster weighed it. Check all your instructions for your absentee ballot in your state. Vote by mail, by drop-off, or live with a mask and social distancing. Know the rules and deadlines for your state. Stay safe and Vote. We need everyone. Here’s some helpful info state-by-state during COVID-19: #RockTheVote #VoteBlue #Vote Have a good Friday. 😎


Part 3
He has not used the weight of his office to drive a deeper and deeper wedge into the American people, further polarizing them

He hasn't denigrated the office of President of the United States.

He hasn't diminished the stature and leadership of the USA in world affairs.

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He has not ridiculed and humiliated the best and brightest scientists in our country, simply for the purpose of creating mass confusion among the people, so that he can promulgate his own self-serving agenda

He has not hesitated to condemn white supremacists. He has never tacitly condoned their cause by refusing to condemn them.

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What Joe biden hasn't done Part 1

He hasn't presided over the deaths --substantially due to his denial of the pandemic and to inactivity -- of 200, 000 Americans from COVID-19

He hasn't lied to Americans every single day, multiple times per day

He hasn't torn young children from the arms of their parents, and held them in detention for undefined periods

He hasn't evaded paying income tax for 10 of the past 15 years, nor paid a mere $750 for an additional two of those 15 years.

Trump's presidency is like a proof of concept that an ill-informed electorate can select an unqualified, unstable, untruthful demagogue with authoritarian tendencies, and then double down and try to do it again.

My little deck garden is nearing the end of this growing season. But look at that pretty color of that pepper. Like an eggplant color.

In related news, Marco Rubio tweeted a picture of himself with Ruth Buzzi, and commented what a great public servant she had been on the Supreme Court

Each day becomes simply more surreal than the last. One wonders when someone is going to remove that delusional imbecile from the Oval Office ... in a straight-jacket.

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@jrandompics0 Oh that's very good! ❤️❤️❤️

The New York Post typically carries Trump's water, and here is an article from them, quoting a Trump administration official, who has obviously taken a leap off the ledge of rationality.

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