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A lot can be had at "Hello"

It can be a conversation starter.

A "Hello" can bring a cheer to a gloomy face.

It could break an awkward impasse.

It could be a bridge for deadlocked situations.

A "Hello" can give indications to a person what to do, when they are wondering about how to proceed.

A lot can be had with just a "hello"

A lot can happen over a "hello"

People! Newslaundry is hiring!!

If you are a techie who can work in a fast-paced environment, have enough knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript, we're looking for you!

Send your applications to


-How to use ReactJS to build a front end application
-ES6 functionality, including concepts like promises and async/await
-Git and Version Control
-Knowledge of working with APIs
-Understanding of backend structures

Pls boost!
#Jobs #India

Just finished preparing my presentation for the European Parliament on Tuesday. I’m representing @Mastodon and small technology there on a panel to discuss the future of the Internet and I hope we can get the regulators to at least not fuck things up for our ethical alternatives.

My slides (not hugely meaningful without the narrative but in case you’re curious) are here:

Remind me again why I let you talk me into this, @Gargron? ;P

#introduction #india #followindia

Hola! I’m Shinjini. I tweet on Birdsite as @modern_gypsy. I’m a self-taught artist, exploring my inner landscape through paint & mixed media. I bring my interest in depth psychology to my deck of tarot cards, which I also use as a jumping off point for art & writing.

I’m a cat momma to two tomcats, Simba & Loki. I’m an avid reader - fiction, mostly, & some depth psychology & a tiny bit of philosophy.

Left, liberal, secular.

If you really care for your privacy, uninstall all social media apps, specially on android.

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If the #Birdsite collapses in India, Jack would curse two men.

1. Manish Maheshwari for being a tool in the hand of RW ideology.

2. @sanjayuvacha for introducing & promoting @Mastodon in India.


On every timeline ( HOME, LOCAL and FEDERATED) the posts are shown in chronological order.

This means that no algorythm, number of stars or other factors will influence the number of times you will see a post.

A post can be boosted ('retweeted') but that's it.

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When you check a profile of another user you will see the number of people who follows his and who are followed by him but if you click on.that number you can't see the entire list of people. Instead you can only see the ones of them that you just know.

That's alsi by design and that's also an anti-harrassment tool.

Let's check real life: in real life I dont walk around with the list of my friends attached on my neck and neither of you (hopefully) does.

So, if you cannot discover new people by checking who is following who, how can you find and meet new people on Mastodon?

By t-a-l-k-i-n-g, socializing and discuss things. If you boost a post of your friend you are presenting him to all your other friends and so on.

Mastodon emphasizes real human socialization instead of espionnage-style exploration of profiles

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Mastodon is not Twitter
...if you are still tangled in a Twitter-mindset!!

Are you still searching for the Trending Topics that will impose to everyone what is the thing about whom you "must" talk today?

Are you searching for "people to follow" instead of "people to interact with"?

Are you still planning time wasting things like hashtag wars instead of doing something real?

Are you searching for emotional and social gratifications by the number of retweets you received?

Are you still judging a post by the number of likes that received?

Are you still writing '"cool lines posts" for obtaining likes insted of writing interesting posts that stimulates discussion and interaction?

If so, pkease pay attention: there is still much Twitter INSIDE YOU.

(It takes some time to heal πŸ˜‰)

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Here on Mastodon you will not receive notifications like '40 people liked the post you boosted' or 'john is tweeting about this' or 'laura and mike are now following hannah'

Nobody here will say to you what you 'must' read or who you 'must' follow.

Here nobody cares so much about the 'success' of a post.

You are advised abou how many people will 'star' or boost your post and that's it

To know how many times a certain post was boosted or 'starred' you must click on it. But there is no emphasis on it and in fact nobody really cares.

What's important, here, is to interact in real discourses and... who cares about 'points' received from peoole that don't interact.

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If the admins of Instance1 BLOCK Instance2, the users of Instance1 cannot interact the users of Instance2

If the admins of Instance1 SILENCE Instance2, the users of Instance1 can still privately follow and interact the users of Instance2, but those interactions (like boosts) will not be seen by the other users of Instance1

To be more clear: BLOCKING is used for instances that permits horrible things and behaviours and SILENCING is used for instances that your Instance tolerate but doesn't appreciate so much.

The same things are appliable to users.

Also you, as simple user, can decide to block or silence (for your eyes only) other users and entire Instances.

#instructions #help

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If you want to suggest to somebody to read a certain thread on Mastodon you can boost it or interact directly in the thread and call the account of the person that you want to join the discussion (Ok, @Zid1o88 ?πŸ˜‰)

Mastodon decided to not implement the 'retweet and comment' function because is mostly used for harrassment and also because it leads to talking AROUND a thread without taking part of it.

Posting the link of a toot is also ok but remember that this will work correctly only from desktop. On smartphones, unfortunately, clicking on.the link will bring you outside the App to the browser.

Also, always remember to write the COMPLETE account address of users.

@name wil work for peoole on your same Instance, but if you want to interact with people based on other instances the format is @name@instance

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