Monoprice Select Mini V2 fresh out the box. The print head is too low to trigger the Y-axis (left-right) micro-switch.

Nothing looks broken/bent etc, and it looks like I can fix it easily enough, but still - anyone else had this happen?

A programmer crashes a car at the bottom of a hill, a bystander asks what happened, he says "No idea. Let's push it back up and try again". 😅 #coding #developer #programmer #coder #programming #jokes #developers

Wordle 341 5/6



Country toad
Take me home
To your place
In a pond
Wet and boggy
Warm and foggy
Take me home
Swamp biome

Now that #Ukraine has won #Eurovision, the #UN should declare the whole of Ukraine a cultural heritage area and send in the peacekeepers to end the war. Simple.

Maybe all those years we blamed bloc voting etc for nil points, it really was our song wasn't good?

I was promised one song that met my very narrow and specific personal #Eurovision category of Art School Project gone awry. THANK YOU SERBIA 💕💕💕

and in no particular order.

Though my favourite was actually Austria, but they didn't make it past the semis 😞

Great song to finish on. Catchy chorus you could hum along to.

The Polish song is growing on me, it's got quite a bit of energy, not just another ballad after all. #Eurovision #POL

I liked that more than I was expecting. How did they get all that lightning in the arena, though?

Well you can't fault that performance. Good song. Well staged.

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