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My best attempt at a Lee Anderson impression, possibly one of the dumbest people in politics (and it's a crowded field).

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The death of a political party, filmed up close for the first time ever. It’s like an Attenborough film about extinction.

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Has Britain ever had a more truly nasty politician than Suella Braverman, someone closer to fascism, in high public office?

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People on here predicted Truss would be an utter disaster as PM but did anyone imagine she would reach this level of fuckery this quickly?

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So just 24 hours after Truss insisted that they were sticking with the mini budget plan because it was the right plan

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So @bbclaurak@twitter.com asks Truss if she thinks it was a good look for Kwarteng to meet hedge fund managers on eve of mini budget...

And Truss starts talking about Vladimir Putin and her morning routine

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Beautiful start to the Tory conference. Tory mayor of Birmingham telling the head of the the young Tories to fuck off, and the head of the young Tories locking down his account and running away. 😂😂😂👏👏👏

The content I'm here for.

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@Joe7tinysteps@twitter.com and @BillyVacant@twitter.com - I assume you're both family with this fabulous bastard?

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Also, if you need some good music make sure you listen to The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

Guess who didn't sleep and is still drunk? Or more drunk, one or the other.

So, watching the original Hocus Pocus with the OH and I don't want to alarm anyone but the boy is fùcking McGee from NCIS. Happy finding out you're old day x

I've just got back in to bed to drink gin and watch pimple/spot squeezing videos on YouTube. See you all tomorrow x

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