Swedish artist Karl Jilg, through this illustration commissioned by the Swedish Road Administration, depicts how our cities are designed to accommodate more cars than people, and how car-obsessed we've become as a society.

Apps like Truecaller must have put a serious dent in the telemarketing business. Now that I can screen all my calls, I don't have to listen to a telecaller just because I feel sorry for them. If I don't pick up, neither they nor I feel bad. But TRAI needs to crack the whip on these telemarketers. Despite being registered on DND, I receive at least 10-12 spam calls everyday. Sure, I don't answer those calls, but the calls are an intrusion. I hope TRAI does something about this soon.

I don't normally watch stand-up comedy shows, 'coz it's not a format that I enjoy. And Indian stand-up I definitely avoid. I guess it's because most Indian stand-up comedians have only 1 or 2 good sets in their entire career, and the rest is almost always rubbish. But for some reason I decided to binge-watch today, and I liked the format. The first 4 episodes were a flop, but boy, I did not expect Shashi Tharoor to pull that off like he did! Brilliant orator, great personality. 👏


अपने ही भाई बहन हैं. दिल दुखे हैं उनके. उबार निकाल लेने दो. Healthy होता है.

They are our brothers and sisters only. Let them vent. It is healthy.

@Vishsai That's a very good analogy! You're right, deal with the bigger evil first. Makes sense ☺️

@raman I'm not sure about your categorization of people who don't have nice things to say about Hindus, but that's a different matter. But you're right about the fact that people are hurt, and they're venting. It will take a lot of patience and hand-holding to convince them to trust again. But all I was trying to say was that we must try and avoid questioning other people's faith and beliefs, because that will only take us down a dangerous path.

@Vishsai No, but that doesn't sound right to me. It's not just about defeating the BJP, is it? We cannot afford to bring down one fascist regime, and install another one in its place, can we? That doesn't make sense.

I think people are beginning to be so blinded by their hate that they are beginning to do the same things (in some cases, go beyond) that they're accusing the other side of doing. They are blindly resorting to sharing of false propaganda just so that they can make a point. I'm not sure what their true intentions are, but surely that can't be healthy either. If you're in a fight, fight fair, and be honest. Stop making a mockery of other people's beliefs. The end does not justify the means.

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I'm an atheist. Well, sort of. And I'm anti-BJP (and the RSS, Shiva Sena, and other Sangh Paiwar parties) only and only because they peddle this Hindutva nonsense, which threatens the secular fabric of this country. However, that does not mean that I'm anti-Hindu, or pro-Islam/pro-Christianity. I honestly couldn't care less about any of them. But I'm beginning to think that not all anti-hindutva advocates feel the same way. Some folks here seem to be anti-hinduism. Now, that's not secular is it?

@wabbster Not sure how you understood that question, but an uprising did happen on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, where folks upped and moved here as a mark of protest against Twitter's biased policies. Counts as an uprising in my view.

I can never delete my Twitter account, because I've been using it as a complaint box for the past few years. In fact, other than the odd political tweet here and there, I only use it for tweeting to brands who don't listen otherwise. Hopefully brands won't setup an account on Mastodon anytime soon. If they do, then be prepared to see me unleash my wrath on them.

Apparently, if you're a creative guy who's capable of coming up with out of the box ideas to surprise your woman, then you must really love her. And if you have outdone yourself, she will put up a post on social media, talking about how sweet and loving you are. Achievement unlocked, right? :0060:


I think that cops should stay off social media, or at least reduce their presence to a listen-only mode. There are plenty of jokers around, the cops don't need to find ways to entertain people. Police departments from all states must refocus their time, efforts, and resources in helping people who actually need their help. Witty remarks are not going to save the day. If they insist on being on social media, then let them also publish their monthly stats with case closing rates.

I was one of those people who chose to talk about politics. Some of my followers bore with me, while some chose to unfollow. I also unfollowed a lot of people whose views were different from mine. I still can't stop myself from talking about political stuff, even though I really don't want to. It just adds to the toxicity of social media. I'm tired of reading people's opinions (and I'm sure others would say the same thing about me), I just want to follow more people who'd talk about themselves.

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I joined Twitter in 2010, a little late, but it was still not that crowded. I used to follow a handful of people, who were a lot of fun, in the sense that they would treat Twitter like their personal diary. They would talk about their day, joke a little, be sad a little...it felt like I knew them even though I had never met them. I in fact rarely even tweeted to them; I would just read/listen. That's what I miss about Twitter, 'coz sometime around 2014, when politics took over, these folks left.

I like the smell of petrol, kerosene, paint, whitener, etc. as much as the next person, but what I don't get is how people can like the smell of mud/the outdoors after (or during) it rains. That shit stinks.

Thank god I don't have an account in SBI, but how long before private banks adopt the same policies? We live in an age where we get taxed if we don't put our money in the banks, and taxed if we do. Basically, the govt. wants a larger chunk of our hard earned money to go into their coffers. And what are they doing with this money? Bailing out fraudsters and funding temples? Not hating, just sad.

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SBI minimum account balance: Penalty and other rules explained

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