Wherever you are in the world, whichever platform you are on, if you throw a small piece of puttu (steamed rice cake), you can be rest assured that it will fall on a Mallu.

A typical example of today's journalism. Sign-up on a new platform, spend all of 2 mins exploring the features, then write an article on it like you're a pro. But then someone points out that there's more to it than felines and bitcoins, so you add one more paragraph at the end because you're too lazy to rewrite the whole thing.

Sorry, this isn't Netflix - the platform won't 'sustain your interest', you need to find interesting people to follow. Also, .


What should you name the Kerala instance on Mastodon?

Kochi Tuskers!

Well, on second thought, maybe not. Not unless, you want the instance to shut down after a year.


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