I'm an atheist. Well, sort of. And I'm anti-BJP (and the RSS, Shiva Sena, and other Sangh Paiwar parties) only and only because they peddle this Hindutva nonsense, which threatens the secular fabric of this country. However, that does not mean that I'm anti-Hindu, or pro-Islam/pro-Christianity. I honestly couldn't care less about any of them. But I'm beginning to think that not all anti-hindutva advocates feel the same way. Some folks here seem to be anti-hinduism. Now, that's not secular is it?

@RagsNair We will have people who is anti something here. Yet we need to somehow unite them and fight against the Bjp


@Vishsai No, but that doesn't sound right to me. It's not just about defeating the BJP, is it? We cannot afford to bring down one fascist regime, and install another one in its place, can we? That doesn't make sense.

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@RagsNair True it's not about replacing fascist with a fascist. Just saying that proablity we can have better chances of convincing them about their wrongs. That will take time energy and effort. When you fight a monster there will be elements you don't like. Alienate them the monster kills you. So you kill the monster and then see how to spend your energy best.

@Vishsai That's a very good analogy! You're right, deal with the bigger evil first. Makes sense โ˜บ๏ธ

@RagsNair What are the best local terms which calls BJP evil. Cartoons, mythology or history. The bjp survives on its image management and thinking is to keep connecting it with evil to destroy that image.

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