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Amid a break from the high temperatures of summer, a heavy, gusty storm system will drench the Northeast, perhaps turning severe. More details: bit.ly/3fbETZ5

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Tomorrow's forecast to help you plan ahead here -> via @MikeHaddadWMUR@twitter.com

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Here is a look at total observed July rainfall. These reports come from our COOP sites and area airports. There was significant variation from north to south with northern areas drier than normal while some southern locations had the wettest July on record!

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Good evening, you'll find tonight's forecast for NH below! Check out our weather blog: wmur.com/weather

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We are planning a random supporters stream at 7:00p EST. Join us and the supporters for a fun random discussion that could go anywhere.

7:00p EST

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On Monday, Saturn will officially reach opposition, meaning that it will appear opposite of the sun from the perspective of the Earth. Saturn is at opposition once every year. Around the same time of opposition, Saturn will make its closest approach to the Earth:

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What a difference a day can make...
After heavy rains on Thursday- NHDOT crews worked to restore travel to impacted roadways statewide.


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Dust off your telescope this weekend and point it toward Saturn. The next few nights will be perfect for viewing the planet as it nears opposition: bit.ly/3ffQeHF

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Beneath the waves around the Isle of May is a remarkable underwater landscape. The kelp forest is home to crabs and fish, anemones and mussels encrust the sea-cliffs and gullies. The underwater gravel plains are carpeted with brittle stars.


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Ziplines, lions and a mansion are featured attractions at these workplaces buff.ly/3j4sqHB

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Protecting your privacy with ProtonMail is easy β€” if grandma can do it, so can you.


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The FSF is announcing a funded call for white papers to address Copilot, copyright, machine learning, and free software. Submit yours by Monday, August 23: u.fsf.org/3fi

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Much of the Northeast has already had its fair share of rain this month, with many cities having received over twice the amount of average rainfall so far in July. Boston has recorded over three times its normal amount:

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A German hacker spent a year reclaiming his face from Clearview AI β€” a huge database of identified faces trawled from the internet. The difficulty he endured lead him to create a campaign to ban biometric mass surveillance.


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