Putin, like Trump, is pure evil....with the latter being a useful idiot and the former knowing full well how to yield that evil as a weapon.

"Are you detaining me?" Navalny flies home, and straight into trouble | Reuters

"Snitch robots" are a thing.

Their "Orwellian menace" might not be immediately apparent, says @mguariglia, but "a robot’s machine learning & so-called suspicious behavior detection will lead to racial profiling & other unfounded harassment."


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We want to remind users of our new automated moderation tools.

You may see the page indicating the action you just performed was flagged as suspicious until a human can review it.

Please don't be offended or take it personally! This system isn't perfect and we are working to prevent false positives. #pixelfed

FB hasn't given WhatsApp users an option to refuse data collection since 2016, says @ShiraOvide. So why is everyone reacting now?

"The confusion's the result of FB’s bungled communication, mistrust of the company & U.S.’s broken data-protection laws."


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Just pushed a release, this one fixes some bugs introduced in last week's release, and overhauls the post creation process.

Get it here: gitlab.shinice.net/pixeldroid/

I am saddened by the news regarding tom79, it highlights a real problem in the fediverse. So far, our interactions with the community have been great though, so thank you for that ❤️

This week we will look at Privacy, Security, Business, and more as our nation turns crazy. We will look at Parler's privacy snaffu, Windows 10 bug corrupts everything, Idaho ISP bans Facebook, and more!
#WeeklyNewsRoundup #Windows10 #Parler

9:00p EST


Today we will talk about FOSS software in the censorship era.
7:00p EST

Oh yeah, I forgot to say it. @rhiaro is now co-chair of the SocialCG... two W3C-related appointments in one week! (Also the W3C TAG!)

We're very fortunate to have @rhiaro on in this role!

If you're considering Amazon's Ring, please beware multiple privacy & security concerns, including:
• Growing surveillance partnership w/police forces
• Third party trackers on its app
• Data breaches & hackers infiltrating user homes via Ring camera


Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

Big Tech's growing monopoly power means that more and more people are looking for secure alternatives to Gmail that won't read their emails or profit off their data. Here's what makes our Swiss-based email service a good candidate for the top spot: protonmail.com/blog/gmail-alte

The Laravel framework just released a security update, we recommend all Pixelfed instances update to the latest commits! #pixelfed

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