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On this day in 2009 the UN hosted a panel with @MaryMcDonnell10@twitter.com and @EdwardjOlmos@twitter.com exploring human rights, terrorism, children & armed conflict and reconciliation via the lens. 🇺🇦

@Battlestarchive@twitter.com - preserving the rich history of the 12 Colonies

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“Kandyse” ©ourtesy of Aliena85

@Battlestarchive@twitter.com - preserving the history of the 12 Colonies

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Something arrived in the mail, today! What could this be used for!? Sound of in the comments!



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Rest in peace, Dean Stockwell.


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Very happy with the new avatar for . It represents the home with the nod to and with an easy to see and recognizable anchor. The anchor is green to represent the appreciation of nature. The green Odin's Raven banner was removed.