‘Have you any idea how much tyrants fear the people they oppress? All of them realise that, one day, amongst their many victims, there is sure to be one who rises against them and strikes back!’

1. Okay, here is a brief thread on Chile. As you know, there have been widespread protests in recent days, driven primarily by economic inequality (Chile is one of the most unequal countries in the world). Counter-intuitively, at the root of this inequality is the Chilean Constitution. The Constitution was drafted in 1980, as part of a transition from military to civil rule.

Have all browsers gone to shit lately? Firefox won't render multiple sites (LinkedIn, Reddit etc.) intermittently. And Chrome is a memory hog that has completely mixed up my stored passwords and payment details.

is not only inhuman, but explicitly anti poor & anti Muslim. NRC & CAB are to be rejected outrightly. Kannan Gopinathan @naukarshah spoke in the public meeting on NRC in Kolkata.
Noted anti NRC activist Partha Pratim Maitra & Adivasi Samnway Mancha leader Milan Mandi also addressed the gathering.

Donny Donny,
Yes Papa?
Intimidating witnesses?
No Papa!
Telling Lies?
No Papa!
Show me your tweets!
Ha ha ha.

Gautam Gambhir tweeted at least 10 times on pollution in last one month & blamed Kejriwal for ignoring it.

And when the govt formed a committee of MPs, he skipped it today & went Indore for Ind-Ban Test match commentary coz he is getting paid 30 lakh for it.

BIoody Hypocrite !

The laptop was old and purchased by one their sons(me).
But the policeman would not accept any of this.
The police continued to visit and harass my parents for next few days, till my father asked him, how to end this investigation?
He said, sign on this paper that says case is solved and pay them Rs5000 for their effort and they will stop.
My father, who worked honestly for 40 years for a state department, with replaced knees and fighting off 2 cancers, paid that 30 year old policeman rs 5000

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URGENT : *FOUND* Indie Male Dog on 14th Road Khar West. He is definitely someone's dog and is lost. Please say if you know who he is and reach out to us.#mumbai please RT and share

It's often on road trips that you start to grasp the full extent of climate change, whether it's witnessing the damage sandmining does to rivers, or getting a sense of the smog in North India.

The smog isn't a local Delhi problem — blankets villages and towns all the way down the highway to Rajasthan.
Hearing from friends that pollution is creeping up the Himalayas too. We can see the air, feel how bad it is; I wonder about the soil, and how the earth's contamination is affecting all of us.

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Back from Kashmir. 100th day of Internet blackout, no SMS service. Prepaid phones not restored yet. Select broadband Internet connections restored after permission from IGP and detailed undertakings.

Been living in darkness since the snowfall due to administrative unpreparedness

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#Mastodon's founder Eugen Rochko ( @Gargron) speaks to Livemint on the ongoing mass-exodus of Indians from BirdSite, the challenges in continuing to provide users the safe, harassment-free space that BirdSite couldn't, online data security and on how little India's Govt. can do to exert control or censor free speech here.


#TootNotTweet 🐘

Supreme court Judgment on both Ayodhya and Disqualification are same...

"No doubt Crime is committed, and they are guilty, but then let's not judge them for crimes"

**US held record 69,550 migrant children in custody in 2019: Report**

"Children detained spent more time in shelters, away from their families than in prior years, AP, Frontline reported."


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Just had pork baos. All is well with the world. At least for a bit.

Microsoft "Edge" isn't nearly edgy enough (don't mock - I have to use it for work)

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