"The interview was a disaster, a case study in why Donald Trump is not and cannot be the person to handle this moment in time."

"The only world in which police using chokeholds could sound “innocent” or “perfect” is a world in which you don’t think about what happens to people when they’re literally being choked — or one where you assume that it won’t happen to people like you."



@InternetKevin @IronMan just the idea that we even have to "debate" this in 2020 is ridiculous..
from outsider point of view, US is quickly degenerating and the GOP/DEM are not up to the challenge.


There are people busting their asses day in and out for years here.

We're up to the challenge, OK?


@IronMan @InternetKevin I agree people are up to the challenge, I'm just not so sure about elected leaders, inside all the institutional apparatus. I know people will ultimately win over all this, but between now and November, lots of things can happen. including Trump using Mil against own people (already did in many ways)

@IronMan @InternetKevin haven't seen him much anywhere (TV, social media, news) but thank God mayors are not fully asleep, after all their seats is what is on the line here, I suspect there will be a huge recyling of elected leaders, those that failed & followed Trump "liberate America" in the middle of a pandemic will get thrown away, those that were able to listen to BLM AND take care of the ongoing pandemic will stay. In some way, this is all good : time to clean up the real swamp !


The D.C. mayor is a black woman. She's been in the news quite a bit here.

Anyway, yes there are many people in political office who are doing good work. They happen to be almost all Democrats.


@IronMan @rick @InternetKevin
Muriel Bowser, Stacey Abrams, Gretchen Whitmer...I could fill Mastodon with a list of Democrats getting the job done.

We're up to it.

@QueenRamonda @IronMan @InternetKevin
I have no doubt, individuals are doing a great job & certainly the last 2 weeks have seen more promises or engagement to reform, I've seen mayors listening & governors upholding the Constitution, but still frustrated by the GOP/DEM apparatus, and also frustrated with Congress inaction;

but the worst from my point of view, being someone that read a lot about US politics since 2 decades, the worst to me is the cult-like loyalism that perverted the GOP

@rick @IronMan @InternetKevin

If you are indeed watching closely, you will see that any inaction in Congress is due solely to the GOP and that the 2 parties are absolutely nothing alike.

Are Democrats perfect? No. I don't need perfect. I require good. I require Trump gone.

I see that you don't live here, though. So that's for others. But please don't denigrate the one party trying to help. Thanks.

@QueenRamonda My intention is not denigrating.
I think what I write out of fear of the worst still being possible.

Because I know right under my skin what authoritarianism, cult like mentality and societal drifts can lead to (even if my experience is at much smaller scale)

I write out of concern, not out of simply dumping shit on Politics.

Maybe (probably) not obvious to read that from my tone/perception/perspective and I understand if it's the case.

That's a nice piece, John.

I apologize for not getting back to you yet. Incredibly busy here.
@QueenRamonda @rick @InternetKevin

@IronMan No worries! Everybody's fightin' battles on more than one front.

@Clout9 I recommend expanding on your point 5a. Republicans are much worse at running the economy than Democrats. Even Trump himself said so before he ran for President. Look at where the economy was in 2000 vs 2008. Look at the 2009 to 2016 Obama recovery. 2017 to the mess we have now. The difference is huge. Republicans are boom and bust economists. Democrats govern responsibly. @QueenRamonda @rick @IronMan

@Clout9 It's an enormous myth that the Republicans are good with the economy and they spend a lot of money running misleading ads selling themselves on it. People like Trump want you to forget what a catastrophic mess they have made of the economy.

@InternetKevin agreed - the thing the GOP shares with Capitalism is moral bankruptcy. Capitalism has become so unbridled now that to succeed in business you must be unethical and amoral. It's a requirement. Small businesses will be limited in growth and preyed upon because they confuse personal ethics with business ethics but "business ethics" is an oxymoron now. GOP are parasites abusing taxpayer funds for their own gain.

One other point is there are independent companies for verifying political statements. For example Politifact

Trump 28% Mostly True/Half True/True
72% Mostly False/False/Pants on 🔥

Biden 59% Mostly True/Half True/True
41% Mostly False/False/Pants on 🔥

There are also way more fact checks on Trump because he lies so much.

@InternetKevin yes but remember this article was originally intended not as a manifesto, it was for my 22-year old daughter. I could preach to the choir endlessly but everyone's got their own attention span. However this is fodder for additional opinion pieces on my recently-revived website. LOL Thanks

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