Any time you pitch news headlines in India against satire sites or the best of stand up comedy, 10 puppies die weeping, because of lost jobs.

Reminds me of why we did #AltSarkar with such serious policy stuff. Satire space was overcrowded.

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Supreme Court is like the top court of India. Like isse better nyay hain nahi India mein.

In India or maybe in other countries also, patriarchy and religion go hand in hand. Everyone who is trying to defend their religion is actually defending patriarchy too. Those who really understand the perils of patriarchy and sexual morality, they are either agnostic or atheist.

All this analysis and romanticizing just to avoid one dark truth. Religion is making people crazy and turning them into rioters. Most of them are aware by now that no God comes to their rescue. They are on their own. But they wont accept it.

So no filing of FIR against Kapil Misra and rest who raised goli maron salon ko, but Delhi HC issues notices on filing of FIRs against Swara Bhaskar, Harsh Mandar, Mahmud Paracha, Sonia Gandhi, among others (3 separate petitions I believe).

Dystopia hai yeh!

What the hell is going on in this country? And how do we stop it when even the courts have turned saffron?!

From BJP IT cell to its leaders to Indian media controlled by Modi-Shah. From "aagjani karne waalon ke kapdo se pata chal raha hai" to "goli maaro saalon ko" to Kapil Mishra. They all are complicit in this. This harvest is new. Those who demolished Babari have retired. Some even embraced Islam out of guilt. This generation of rioters is a product of recent "Hindu khatre me hai" narrative by no less than Modi-Shah and his world's largest NGO called BJP-RSS and the whole media controlled by him.

Politics and polity is an endless struggle of solving problems by creating new ones while solving previous ones.

she: men are trash..
me: men are trash..
she: hey! That's no excuse!

“As a politician, he was never a Mahatma. I refuse to call him Mahatma,”

-- BR Ambedkar

Reservation has helped Dalit leaders more than Dalits itself. Governments run by the same Dalit leaders have done nothing to make sure that the next generation of Dalits is well educated. Reservation has failed like any other Govt scheme. Reservation continues or not, wont change much.

Every religion in majority is a threat. Indians refuse to accept that fact. Indians are too romantic about religion. Too passionate that they are always violent. Ideological violence is a norm here and physical violence is becoming a norm now.

Most man made things come with instruction manual or standard operating procedure.

What comes without all these is ... Life.
Relationships are also man made. These also don't come with instructions manual.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish there was such a thing. 🤷
#Families & #Friends

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