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My name is Peter.

I’m 29 from Oxford, England. Hope to hear about others, their beliefs and what they like to do.

Isn’t it strange how you can live like two miles away from somebody but never see them again???

So Broken Britain adds countries to the quarantine list. But I can book a train to Paris for Sunday. Makes no sense to me.

When will we close our airports, ports and tunnel?

Don’t know too much about Hojbjerg. But was a defensive midfielder which Spurs needed. Hope he’ll be a good signing. Not too sure if he’ll play too much.

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I think Spurs have sold Kyle Walker-Peters too cheap. He’s English and it’s very hard to find English talent for the European squad quotas.

Presume Jose didn’t rate KWP. Shame as he didn’t get a fair crack. Remember the Leicester game were KWP assisted twice, 5 v 4. His defensive play was improving whilst at Southampton.

Hope Spurs have put a buyback clause in the deal.

If you think economists are going to improve the situation, I got something to tell you brothers and sisters.

They’re not.

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Broken Britain has entered a recession. Two consecutive negative growth quarters.

We’re screwed if we’ve the second wave.

Though the unemployment rate came down around 2014, pay in real terms were stagnantly low lot longer due to the global recession. Here in UK we were only recently seeing our wages increase. Interests haven’t gone up properly since 2009 as our economy has been struggling by.

While the Labour ran Oxford City Council want to build on our greens around our city. Manchester Council are to open a new park showing they’re bold and the envy of local authorities in these times of crisis.

Real Oxfordians want our green spaces kept!

Proud of our government has given some humanitarian aid to the Lebanese people. Hopefully we’ll offer further assistance in the future as we hear any updates on this tragic event. Much more can be done. We should help others in trouble. Human thing to do.

Managed to walked five miles to my family home. See my dad especially. Love my family. Heatwave coming to UK. Forecasted in the 30s C (86F) on Friday and Saturday.

Corporation are not to be trusted. After our buck and dime. Not interest in us. We shall be self efficient and not depend on others that fail or are not ambitious and courages to serve us.

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Shall keep my eyes out for the components, motherboard, CPU, memory, HDD, etc, though what shall be will be.

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Also looking to build a PC from scratch. Not going to be graphical powerful as I game on consoles. Nor mega processor speeds as science and mathematics have failed me. Maybe basics like a word processor, browser, communication as such. Not even designing as I feel that for paper and cardboard models like traditionalists. Maybe have Linux, learn basics programming and then build my own file host server.

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I've budget this for the last year anticipating other failures, and multiple refunds during this crisis that is upon us currently.

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Have two projects.

Hoping to finally do my home cinema. One of my walls in my new flat was painted white for this proactively. Looking at a basic projector, with no smart features or wireless technology. The projector connects (via HDMI) to the AV receiver, which is for output such as the sound with surround sound speakers and input devices such as Freeview box (TV), games console and laptop, etc. The speakers will be wired (which I've reserve necessary time for) to the AV reciever.

Been to a walking group earlier today. Went round Christ Church Meadow. Bit overcast. Though good to exercise and meet others. By the waters, Cherwell and the Isis (Thames). Nature of trees and some vivid flowers around. 👍

According to sources another nearby delusional bourgeoisie street have put up excessive mount of pseudo signs. The bourgeoisie need to be put into their place, plebeians. They have a sense of entitlement. The streets are everyone’s.


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The bourgeoisie in north Oxford with their pseudo signs show crassness, uncultured not understanding their own non-road is a through road, their surroundings, no sympathy or understanding to the people of Jericho that struggles to get to their homes. Complete ignorance.

She writes about all different places, mostly where she hasn’t been, even fictional places but what’s got me smiling is she wrote about the Queen Elizabeth II Clock Tower this week. I’ve spoken to her about the clock tower tour recently.

“With thanks to a reader who provided the inspiration!” - Francesca started with.

Splendid to know someone out there listens to me. Made my day.

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I read the virtual walks by Francesca, on the mail list. Have took part in a number of walks with the groups. I’ve appreciated the calls during this pandemic.

Heard she was on the local wireless station, talking about the pieces of writing - the virtual walks.

Sad to hear St Giles fair won’t be taking place this year. A long tradition for Oxfordians. We’ve celebrated St Giles with a fair since the 17th century - the 1600s.

They took our May Day celebrations away and now they’re taking our fair away. I’m with sorrow for now. 😔

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