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One of my first ever attempts with datamoshing. Usually nature is very difficult to do without the use of camera movements, lots of shots or blender for geometry, but I think I think this worked out well! #videoart #databending #nature #video #mastoart #glitchart

Glitch Urbexia

This is based on a variation of databending that I call cosine bending. This involves manipulating the parameters of the discrete cosine transform algorithm used to perform lossy compression on a JPEG image. This may sound rather advanced and convoluted, but it really just means saving a JPEG at a very low quality to produce glitch effects. I did that with one of my old urbex photos, and then I messed with the colors in GIMP and applied some pixel sorting to get the image shown here. 😗

It's interesting hearing Fox News fearmongering about the threat of Haitian migrants coming to the US when we're the ones who fucked up their country by using Haiti as a dumping ground for unused produce, thus putting local farmers out of business and causing Haiti's economy to collapse. So now Haitians are looking at the country that fucked with them and thinking "Hey, maybe if we lived there, we wouldn't be getting such a raw deal." I say let them in.

Calamities of the Deep

Made this back in 2017. My photomanipulation skills weren't that good then, so it may look kinda amateurish. I still like the general mood of the composition though, and I think it looks good overall, despite having some technical flaws.

"The US is capitalist."

No, it's not. Let's compare socialism to true capitalism to American "capitalism":

Socialism: Monopolies are illegal.

True capitalism: Monopolies are legal.

American "capitalism": Monopolies are legally protected.

Socialism: Taxation takes money from the rich and gives it to the poor.

True capitalism: Taxation doesn't exist or is very limited.

American "capitalism": Taxation takes money from the middle class and gives it to the rich in the form of corporate subsidies, bailouts, military contracts, etc.

Socialism: There are no tax incentives for starting a business.

True capitalism: People who start businesses are given a tax break because businesses create jobs.

American "capitalism": People who start businesses pay double tax while old money elites who collect dividends from assets they inherited pay nothing.

Why do the MSM, Republicans, corporate Democrats, and other self-proclaimed lovers of capitalism support this?

Skyscape Glitch

This is a style that I achieved roughly speaking by layering the databent version of a photo semitransparently on top of the original photo. The result ends up being fairly similar to the vaporwave style.

I wonder if the self-proclaimed capitalists in the SCOTUS realize or care that banning abortion will increase the number of people on welfare.

Crossbar Glitch

Crossbar switch, turned into glitch. Hey, I made a rhyme!

Databent using the Vim editor and then post-processed in GIMP.

Storm Glitch

I didn't use databending for this one. I achieved this effect in GIMP by separating out the red, green, and blue channels into their own layers and then displacing them relative to each other. I call this technique color separation.

Tipsy Tubes

Made this in Processing by repeatedly drawing circles at regular (randomized) offsets and incrementing the color to produce a gradient. The circles line up to produce the illusion of 3D tubes.

Musical Muse

Just thought I'd show off my love of playing the piano and my own sweet bod at the same time. 😘​

Church of Blood

Some more pixel art for you guys. I made my best effort to get that retro game aesthetic like you'd see in one of those 3D DOS games with the 8-bit graphics. You might have to open the image in its own tab to enjoy the full resolution. 😉 For some reason I found a nice rouge suited this image very well. 😗

So I guess this is the rebirth of the free and open Internet.

Okay, so I'm still going to use Twitter part-time because it still has a lot of reach, but I'm also moving to Mastodon to adapt to and take advantage of the influx of people moving from Twitter. I honestly have no objection to Elon Musk owning Twitter. If turning it into a free speech platform is what it takes to get people to move away from Big Tech and onto more open platforms that are resistant to government censorship and monopoly control, then I fully support what's happening. Whatever works, you know? I just think it's weird that that's where people draw the line. Like, they're okay with Twitter collecting data on them and selling it to anyone willing to pay for it, but when Twitter stops censoring anti-establishment opinions, that's when they boycott the platform. Whatever. Doesn't bother me. I'm just glad people are embracing the open web a la Web 3.0, even if they're doing it for the wrong reasons.

Digital Forest

Made by pixelizing one of my old photos, and doing some other post-processing with it as well.

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