@kryosleep Looks like something that would lead to a long, agonizing night on the toilet if consumed. Your digestive system must be incredibly resilient.

Pixel Torment

Pixel version of a nude selfie I took some years back. I managed to get sort of a SymbOS vibe with this one.

@mrcopilot I stopped using Apple products once I wised up to the game they were playing with forcing me to constantly get repairs by using replacement parts that were weeks from failing. I was an Apple fanboy and didn't want to believe it was true, but eventually the truth became too obvious to ignore. From what I've seen the Apple scene has only gotten worse since I left in 2018. Apple is like an abusive partner that uses psychological manipulation and coercion to keep you coming back for more.

@thezerobit You know Jezebel is a radical feminist outlet that has been accused of misandry on multiple occasions. I wouldn't cite them. And I used the word "people" because I wasn't being gender-specific at that time. Anyway, if you're going to take offense at something as minor as my choice of words, it's clear that you're not someone I want to be interacting with. Bye.

@thezerobit I look at everything from the perspective of biology and evolutionary psychology. That's why I use the term "female". I also refer to men as "males". I don't see it as an issue.

@thezerobit Normie attitudes towards programming kinda annoy me. Take Karlie Kloss for example. AFAIK she hasn't authored any important software, nor has she done any coding outside of Ruby (her site is made with Wix FFS), yet she's more sought-out for interviews than people who've actually written significant software or done important CS research. Like, when Tim Ferris wanted to interview a top-level coder, he didn't interview Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, Rasmus Lerdorf, or any of those people. He interviewed Klossy. Like, why? What does she have to offer the coding community other than being an attractive female with a nerdy hobby? (Admittedly pretty awesome in itself, but by no means does it make you a "top performer", which is what Tim Ferris's podcast is ostensibly about.) The fact is, Klossy has good looks, charm, and social graces, which most autistic male programmers lack, and that ends up being more important to people than actual coding skill. It's kinda irritating.

@thezerobit I'm specifically thinking of the normie Python users who didn't start coding until it became trendy. I'm aware that not everyone who uses Python is tech-illiterate. You do see a lot of clueless code monkeys on sites like Twitter though. They tend to be either novice frontend developers or more experienced programmers who only ever learned one language (usually through a coding bootcamp) and never studied algorithms even at a cursory level.

Friends of a Different Kind

This is a form of digital art that I call "deep horror": using specially tailored input strings to a generative neural network to get the AI to produce the most horrifying image possible. I was playing around with the Dall-E Mini AI when it hit me that I could take advantage of the distorted nature of a lot of AI-generated images to produce unholy abominations like this.

The general methodology is to give the AI a prompt that it doesn't know how to process, so it's forced to generate weird shit as opposed to something mundane. If you enter "pig man" for example, it just generates images of pigs on a farm. Not creepy at all. So you kinda have to get creative with the prompts to get something truly terrifying.

@thezerobit Normie just means extroverted people who base their decisions on emotions, aren't intellectual unless it's trendy, and tend to follow the herd, as opposed to introverted thinking types who think for themselves and are lone wolves. So-called because the majority of people fall into the former category.

As for Python, the community kind of annoys me, because the language was supposed to serve a very specific function and it's not very useful outside of that function, but now people seem to have adopted the mindset that it's some sort of programming Esperanto and should be used for literally everything. They don't seem to realize that all those nifty Python libraries are written in C++. Python literally can't function without lower-level languages, so it's hardly a universal language.

@suika I would love to see Matt Groening's take on the Trolly Problem.

@shibao Don't all the pride flags consist of different-colored stripes?

@thezerobit Normies don't care about CPU usage, nor do they usually even know how to measure such things. Why do you think they love coding in slow, bloated languages like Python and Swift over efficient languages like C?

@mrcopilot Killing technologies is pretty much Apple's MO. They think the tech market should be dictated by their own arbitrary will rather than by consumer choice. That's why they try to limit your choices as much as possible and get rid of features everyone was using.

Hello again. Looks like it's been a while since I logged in. Hope to be posting here more consistently in the future.

Snowflake Iterations

Kaleidoscopic fractal art made in GIMP. Base image was a photo that I databent and then sent through an edge detect filter, so this is technically glitch art too.

@georgia DINOs always ruin everything. Joe Manchin ought to be removed from the Senate due to conflict of interest.

Rectangle Regions

I wrote a program in Processing that generates randomized abstracts in the Mondrian style. It uses a framebuffer with integer "pixels" corresponding to pixels in the drawing area, and it takes rectangular regions and increments the numbers in those regions by a random integer. It then computes the modulus base 7 for each pixel and transfers the corresponding color pixel from the framebuffer to the drawing area.

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