Glitch Monalia

This was my submission for the contest on DeviantArt, held in April of this year. We were supposed to make modified versions of the Mona Lisa, and I decided to take a JPEG of the Mona Lisa and databend it. 😗

Cross Glitch

Another piece of glitch art that I made using color separation. I achieved a nice iridescent quality by separating out the RGB channels, then taking an Edge Detect of the image and overlaying it on the non-edge-detected image as a semitransparent layer.

Glitch Urbexia

This is based on a variation of databending that I call cosine bending. This involves manipulating the parameters of the discrete cosine transform algorithm used to perform lossy compression on a JPEG image. This may sound rather advanced and convoluted, but it really just means saving a JPEG at a very low quality to produce glitch effects. I did that with one of my old urbex photos, and then I messed with the colors in GIMP and applied some pixel sorting to get the image shown here. 😗

Skyscape Glitch

This is a style that I achieved roughly speaking by layering the databent version of a photo semitransparently on top of the original photo. The result ends up being fairly similar to the vaporwave style.

Crossbar Glitch

Crossbar switch, turned into glitch. Hey, I made a rhyme!

Databent using the Vim editor and then post-processed in GIMP.

Storm Glitch

I didn't use databending for this one. I achieved this effect in GIMP by separating out the red, green, and blue channels into their own layers and then displacing them relative to each other. I call this technique color separation.

Landscape Glitch

Made this by databending one of my old photography pieces and then post-processing it in GIMP. 🙃​

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