Pixel Torment

Pixel version of a nude selfie I took some years back. I managed to get sort of a SymbOS vibe with this one.

Against a Pixelated Sky

I spent a lot of time editing out most of the transitional colors here. Managed to achieve a style vaguely reminiscent of an Atari or Namco game.

Glitch Monalia

This was my submission for the contest on DeviantArt, held in April of this year. We were supposed to make modified versions of the Mona Lisa, and I decided to take a JPEG of the Mona Lisa and databend it. 😗

Crossbar Glitch

Crossbar switch, turned into glitch. Hey, I made a rhyme!

Databent using the Vim editor and then post-processed in GIMP.

Storm Glitch

I didn't use databending for this one. I achieved this effect in GIMP by separating out the red, green, and blue channels into their own layers and then displacing them relative to each other. I call this technique color separation.

Church of Blood

Some more pixel art for you guys. I made my best effort to get that retro game aesthetic like you'd see in one of those 3D DOS games with the 8-bit graphics. You might have to open the image in its own tab to enjoy the full resolution. 😉 For some reason I found a nice rouge suited this image very well. 😗

Digital Forest

Made by pixelizing one of my old photos, and doing some other post-processing with it as well.

Mastodon 🐘

A general-purpose Mastodon server with a 1000 character limit.

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