New here and confused - where are the toots with hundreds or thousands of boosts and favorites? Do people generally not interact with eachother via toots?

Experts and academics in the sciences are good at uncovering information and using it to manipulate the world around us. We incorrectly believe this makes them especially qualified to deal with ethical questions that arise along the way which is why we have nuclear bombs and GMO mosquitos.

I think I'm too opinionated to objectively classify the genre of this new track. Anyone care to weigh in?

Amazon has booted conservative-friendly Parler off the internet over ties to last week’s siege on the U.S. Capitol. The social network promptly sued to get back online, saying the tech giant is abusing its market power. #News #AP #Amazon

Full-List of bots:

This one is for those rare individuals that love music AND loathe the . It's commercial suicide but someone had to do it.

"What we’ve been watching for four years, and what we saw explode last week, is a paradox: a political and informational system that profits from division and conflict, and uses a factory-style process to stimulate it, but professes shock and horror when real conflict happens. It’s time to admit this is a failed system. You can’t sell hatred and seriously expect it to end."

The net result of Trump is two cold wars and "our" consent for oligachs and technocrats to subvert, censor and (spoiler alert) try us as domestic terrorists. Mission accomplished.

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