I started SSRI's about 6 weeks ago, and the biggest thing I noticed is how quiet it is.

When I lie down to sleep, it's not a cacophony of noise about tomorrow's problems.

When I wake up, I'm not thinking of all the things I haven't done in a puking panic.

I still get symptoms of depression and anxiety attacks, but at least now I get a rest from them

Riding a panic attack, and all I can think of is channel integration.

So many projects chase a milestone release. A red-banner day where we can all celebrate a launch, but with no thought about the next release or bug fixing.

Your Dev and QA environments and pipelines should be considered MORE important than Prod. Prod should be boring because you've seen it 1000 times

Went back to the office after 2.5 years. Not going to lie, I sweated my way through my undershirt. By the time I left for home, I mis-shifted multiple times just because my legs were trembling.

It was great seeing my coworkers in person, but almost no one was wearing a mask and almost all of my social interaction has been online this whole time :(

Anyone else have to deal with this?

@stux The CPUs probably couldn't survive my hot takes

@zatnosk LG and CG characters will immediately want to help, even though it'll raise the alarm or harm diplomatic relations. Maybe plant some gems or magic items in the pile? Dispel magic so the watchers don't see something cool? Convince the pitboss to look the other way?

@zatnosk The two times I've used something like this, it's always ended with the party unionizing the gobbos.

@silverspookgames This is such an amazing show. He wore it better than Max ever could

@zatnosk Definitely need a "Sorting Pit" where they throw all their 'trash' they stole. Some low-level gobbos in the pit tasting metals and looking for shinies that other gobbos threw in for cheap scrap.

Have it overlooked by a pitboss and a couple Shamans who appraise things that might be magical.

In my head, adventuring goblins will trade in trash for cash, and poor goblins dig through a huge pile of blades and waste looking for an overlooked treasure they'll get a percentage on. All it'll take is one piece of mithril that someone missed, and they'll be outta the pit, baby!

@Crash This is awesome, picked up a copy. I've run a couple 5e adventures of "GOBBOS IN SPACE", and even the most reserved player starts gnawing through air vents to plant improvised explosives under the captains chair

Why do I live in a place where it snows 2" in mid-April >:(

@frankie Ungodly amounts of torque that's available almost instantly

@the_gneech I played an OSE game (like 2E) with some friends that have never played more than 5e.

A party of 4 got TPK'd by 3 kobolds. I mean... I warned 'em

@the_gneech As a DM, I'd definitely set the stakes beforehand though. Maybe throw in a tough room that'll down 1 or 2 players but not kill them and give 'em a chance for a rest.

Then, OOC, make sure they know that your dungeon WILL kill their characters

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